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Two unrelated female pumas share the carcass of a prey animal killed by one of them

Pumas live alone with important exceptions

A 2002 book on the wild cats tells me that “like most felids, pumas live alone, and apart from associations for mating purposes the only prolonged contact is between females and their kittens” (Wild...

Puma stalking

Surplus killing by pumas

Surplus killing by pumas is rarely written about it seems to me. I bumped into this when reading the book Wild Cats of the World. At page 257 the authors, Mel and Fiona Sunquist,...

Mountain lion travelling

How many miles do mountain lions travel?

How many miles do mountain lions travel in a day? Unfortunately there isn’t much information on this topic but nonetheless I have some information. M.E. Musgrave tells us in their “Some habits of mountain...

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