My Cat Was Bit By Another Cat

My Cat Was Bit By Another Cat

by Linda Owen
(Clarksville, AR)

Picture of cleaned abscess (caused by cat fight) on head added by Michael (Admin) to illustrate page. The cat is Timmy.

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Picture of cleaned abscess (caused by cat fight) on head added by Michael (Admin) to illustrate page. The cat is Timmy.

My cat was bit by another cat and his foot is all swollen up and some bleeding. He is not walking on this foot today. We just noticed it yesterday and the vet is closed for the weekend.

I gave him a amoxicillin pill 250 mg and I have put a warm epson salts soak on it. I have it bandaged up right now. Is there anything i can do for him until Monday when the vet is in his office? Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you Linda

Hi Linda... You have treated for a bacterial infection (amoxicillin is an antibiotic) that caused an abscess, it seems, which in turn was caused by the bite.

That is almost certainly correct. It would seem that the abscess needs to be drained and cleaned but that task is best left to a veterinarian so there is little of nothing more that you can do as far as I am aware.

Any other ideas would be welcome.

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My Cat Was Bit By Another Cat

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Jan 12, 2010 Very warm washcloth
by: Joyce Sammons

When I was dealing with Furbys neck I did a lot of reading. Using a very warm rag on the site will help with the draining-plus the cat seemed to like it. Also learned that the wound has to heal from the inside. That is why scab forming is discouraged. Still you're probably going to need an antibiotic. Hope this helps.

Jan 10, 2010 cat bites
by: Ruth

Everycat is right ! You also need to keep a close eye on that bandage as if the leg swells even more it could cut off the bloody supply to the paw,it's better really to let the pus drain out. You need to get your cat to a vet as soon as you can before infection sets in.If the wound is open and draining itself the vet will just make sure all the pus is out but if its healed over they may have to lance it.He's almost sure to be given antibiotic and pain killing injections too.
If your cat is hiding away or off his food don't wait until Monday, phone in as an emergency.
I hope he's OK.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 10, 2010 Careful
by: Everycat

As I understand it the best thing to do for an abcess, if you cannot get to the vet straight away is to bathe it with warm salt water (boiled and cooled water + 1/2 teaspoon salt per pint), remove any scab/matted hair and allow it to drain. Don't ever squeeze the abcess to get more pus out, this can drive the infection deeper.

Vets advise that you only pull the scab off once. Scabs do reform, but the less messing with the wound the better. You can bathe it again as the warmth from the warm salt water gives relief from the pain. It's best to use salt water as this does the least damage to the delicate wound tissue.

Sometimes abcesses form deep inside the tissues, this is why you need a vet to clean and drain it.

I don't think it wise (and nor do my vets) to use antibiotics spuriously. The one you used may not be the right one for the type of bacteria causing the infection and the dose may not be correct for the cat.

Spurious use of antibiotics (systemically and topically) is leading to antibiotic resistance and is the reason we are seeing MRSA in our companion animals. A single dose of an antibiotic (unless it's a long term single dose of one specifically for cats) is not a good idea. It may kill some of the bacteria, but not all. The surviving microbes then develop resistance.

Bites in paws are very painful as the bones are so close to the surface. I wish your cat well and happy healing 🙂

Jan 10, 2010 A P.S.
by: Michael

I think you are doing nice work. A lot of cat keepers wouldn't do this or know what to do.

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