Nebelung cat

Nebelung Cat

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Photo of Nebelung Cat Lovenblues Mozart Bronikowski
copyright © Helmi Flick – please respect copyright.

This is what Helmi says about this photograph, “This cat was a Regional Winner, Southeast Region, TICA, and was photographed at the 2007 SE Regional Awards Banquet and Cat Show in July of this year. He was tired of being shown at cat shows and was ready to do his part with the ladies (so to speak) so was pulled from the show after Saturday and only came in on Sunday to be photographed. We found him to be a good model and we think he enjoyed his time in the spotlight.

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The Nebelung Cat is not the rarest purebred cat but the breed is one of the rarest (on a scale of 1-10 this breed ranks 7). Also, this is the only longhaired cat breed that has one coat colour, blue1. Although rare it is recognised as a championship breed by TICA (The International Cat Association). The Traditional Cat Association (TCA) recognised this breed in 1993. Other cat associations have not accepted it2 – except the WCF (World Cat Federation).

Nebelung 1889

This cat is said to have “ancient mystical beginnings in Northern Russia”1.

The appearance is of “luminous elegance”2. Gloria Stephens brackets this breed with the Russian Blue, also from Northern Russia as it is a longhaired version of that cat. It is said to have been exhibited in the first cat show in England (see photo)!1 Harrison Weir is the founder of the cat fancy and was said to own the Nebelung that he drew.

This cat has a much more pronounced ruff than current Nebelung cats. The Nebelung’s modern story begins in the Nebelheim cattery in the Denver, Colorado area of the USA. The founding cats of this breed are two siblings, a male (Siegfried) and a female (Brunhilde). These two cats were the offspring of a cross between a female Black Domestic Shorthair (a cat called Elsa) and a father cat that looked like a Russian Blue.

Seigfried was born in August 1984 and Brunhilde some 5 months later. The father cat was a longhair resembling a black Angora in the words of founder/breeder Cora Cobb. The beginning of this breed then was from Domestic Shorthair (DSH) (moggie) and Domestic Longhair (DLH) stock as opposed to pedigree stock. Cora Cobb says that she was informed that the successful introduction of a new cat breed from non-pedigree purebred stock or by way of a genetic mutation had little chance of success in attaining championship status at TICA. (the CFA do not recognize this cat breed).



Siegfried and Brunhilde were two out of six in the litter. Siegfried had medium-long blue hair. He was an outstanding kitten, big and handsome. Brunhilde was born from the same parents some 6 months later. She was also a blue longhair and very pretty. Her hair was longer and silkier than Siegfried’s hair. Cora thought that their outstanding appearance heralded the creation of a new breed of cat. In 1986 Cora mated Seigfried with Brunhilde. The result was a success with the kittens having the silky long hair of Brunhilde and Siegfried’s Russian Blue type body.

Cora decided to start a new breed and the long journey to achieve that objective began. I have gone over the beginning in some detail as it really is the most important part of this story. Cora found the TICA very helpful and the TICA registered the breed in 1987 under New Breeds. In 1997 the breed achieved full recognition as a Champion breed. In the early years of the breed she faced opposition from Russian Blue breeders.

The breed is also one that did not start from a “standout” genetic change as happens in the mutated breeds (e.g. American Curl). Since the early years there has been a lot of careful breeding including crossing with the Russian Blue. The Nebelung cat, although a rare breed, is now well established. This breed is recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF) and Livre Officiel des Origines félines (LOOF). It seems the breed is more established in Europe and Russian than in the USA and North America. The Nebelung is also accepted (I believe) with CFF (Cat Fanciers Federation) and TCA (Traditional Cat Association).

Nebelung cat

Nebelung cat – Buju –  photo copyrightandby V La (Vanessa) This photograph is published under a creative commons license

History Time Line

Time line
Birth of Siegfried (S) offspring of a black domestic shorthair and a Russian Blue look-a-like. He was the first Nebelung cat.
Jan 1985Birth of Brunhilde (B) offspring of same parents as Seigfriend.
1986Siegfried and Brunhilde mate to produce 3 fine kittens
1986Suggested name for the new breed was “Longhair Russian Blue”
  • TICA accept the breed as Longhaired Russian Blues.
  • Schatzi a female from the 2nd litter of S & B mated with a champion Russian Blue
late 1980sBoth S and B die. Brunhilde of unknown causes (illness I guess) and Siegfriend by a car in a car park.
late ’80s
-early ’90s
Cora exports Nebelungs to France (Paris) while showing her cats in the New Breed Category. Some remain in France.
’92-’93Cora and John (husband, I’m guessing) where compelled to start a cat club “High on Cats” and held 1st show in Denver under TICA. TCA recognise breed in 1993.
1994Cora discovered a Nebelung living in the Netherlands that had been imported from Russia (was this cat described as a long hair Russian Blue by the Russian breeder?)
1996Silver Streak one of Cora’s Nebelungs declared best of the best NBC at a St. Petersburg cat show. The trip to Russia was intented to enter into breeding program with Russia breeders. This failed to work out.
1997Sigrdrifa one of Cora’s little Nebelung star cats had won Best of Best NBC at a cat show. Her lovely behavior at the half yearly TICA meeting convinced the TICA board to grant full championship status to the Nebelung – well done Cora and husband.Cora buys a Russian Nebelung (Winter Day Georgin of Nebelheim – George) imported to USA. He was a good traveller. George became the first TICA champion
1997-8Cora achieves deserved success in the show ring with descendants of the original Nebelung cats.

Update 28-7-09: Comment from an unknown but I believe knowledgeable person:

The Nebelung is actually a semi-longhaired cat–more on the length of a Somali versus an Aby. That is why Aleksandr is such a lovely boy, his fur is more the length wanted. The Neb that Cora found living in the Netherlands, Timofey, actually was imported from Russia as a Russian Blue, but his fur grew longer than normal…we have no contact anymore with Lettie, the breeder who imported him nor do we know what happened to him or his decendants. Again, the Nebelung is also accepted by many of the smaller, independent european registries, ie Neocat etc, in Europe.

Appearance and Character

The breed standard demands that the Nebelung cat is only blue. Elegance, as the picture below shows clearly, is one attribute of this cat breed – this is called a “foreign” body type. They have the Russian Blue body with long silky hair. Both the guard and down hair is solid blue2. This is a double coated cat. The draft breed standard was based on the Russian Blue with an amendment to take into account the long hair. Otherwise the standard is the same as for the Russian Blue.

The Nebelung “recreates” (Cora’s word) the Russian Blue longhair. The Nebelung cat can be outcrossed with the Russian Blue to help with genetic diversity. For this reason kittens sometimes have a coat length that is shorter than demanded by the breed standard. The coat is “silver tipped”1. The undercoat is dense. This breed is reserved with strangers but loving and close to their human companions.

This cat should have long limbs supporting a long body with a long plumed tail. The eyes are green and there is a slightly old fashioned look about this handsome cat. The Nebelung looks a bit like the cats you see in the 1900s photographs. The breed is essentially a Russian Blue with semi-long body hair and long tail hair. Blue (blue/gray) is currently the only color.

The fur is fine and light, and the Nebelung cat sheds a lot. Be prepared for lots of hair. This can be a lap cat. The voice may be whiny and this cat is laid back. The Nebelung is said to be “highly intelligent”1. This cat breed is nice and undemanding and suited to apartment life1. Some specific detail2:

  • eyes – very slightly oval, green and spaced widely.
  • head – modified wedge. Flat forehead and straight profile.
  • paws – small and round. Impression of walking on tiptoes.
  • tail – long and fluffy and tapering towards the tip.
  • ears – wide at base with rounded tips.
  • neck – long and slender.
  • body – lithe and slender
  • coat – double coated, fine and medium length with silver tipped guard hairs.

Nebelung Cat

Photo directly above: © Jjtlondon under creative commons. Note: this cat is in fact the international champion Nebelung Aleksandr van Song de Chine. He is a stud cat and lives with Michel and Anke at their cattery. What I am saying is that I am not sure that the credit (Jjtlondon) taken from the Flickr website is correct as I think the photo has been taken by Michel or Anke. Their cattery is listed at the base of this page.

Update: Jessica has explained the origin of the name.

The temperament is sweet and gentle, intelligent and loving to towards his/her human guardian. Can be shy with strangers, especially young kids. They bond with owner and can follow from room to room. This breed is nice, quiet and reserved.

The Name

The name “Nebelung” is, apparently, a fusion of two words, the German word for mist, Nebel, and the Nibelungenlied (The Song of the Nibelungs) a German poem written between the 11th and 14th century. The source for this is the Wikipedia author. The Wikipedia author has assessed this to be the case but this is not “set in concrete”.

Nebelung cat

Lenny Nebelung cat – photo ©Leamington-Malfoof under a creative  commons license. This photo is a cropped version of the original. Cropping is allowed under the license.

His fur is probably too long to be a perfect “type” but he is damned handsome.

Breeders and Standard

I have decided not to list from a Google search. There are not many. As I said on the rare breed page this is a fairly rare cat. (link broken) NEBELHEIM CATTERY- This is the cattery belonging to the founder Cora Cobb. I am not sure where they are located, possibly Denver as that was the last place Cora Cobb worked from in her description of the history of the Nebelung cat. I’d start here.

Azadeh Nebelung (this link is now broken. I presume the person has ceased trading) – Located I believe in the Netherlands. Run by Michel and Anke. Their champion stud boy illustrates the Wikipedia article on this cat breed. He’s on this page here.

Le Pors – This cattery is not a specialist Nebelung breeder. Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (opens new window to a Google map). (link broken) Paradigm Nebelungs  – Small website which doesn’t say where they are. Not sure if they still function.

The International Cat Association (TICA) – standard


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  • 2. The Encyclopedia of the Cat by Dr Bruce Fogle – page 219.
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  • Messybeast
  • Wikipedia authors’ comments
  • Legacy of the Cat – Gloria Stephens

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51 thoughts on “Nebelung cat”

  1. Hello! What a great little gathering here! We got our cat Bugsy from a shelter after his human passed away. We were told he’s about a year old and had not been neutered until the shelter had it done. The fact that he’d been kept as a “real man” by his previous people got me wondering so I did some research. He has such distinctive eye & coat color, eye and head shape….love that nose!, that gorgeous plume of a tail, wonderful athletically shaped body, and marvelous personality. So, I really feel like he might be a Nebelung. Doesn’t really matter a whole lot, I just love this little man. I take him for a drive once or twice a week to local areas to walk on a leash, and he just trots right along…growling at the dogs if they get too close

    1. What a fabulous photo of a fabulous cat! Love it. I think you are correct. He looks purebred (because of the outstanding appearance) and looks spot on for the Nebelung. I think you have been very lucky and adopted a former breeding male Nebelung cat. He looks absolutely super. That said I can’t be sure. No one can because you need a documented pedigree to be sure (a family history) and registration with a cat association. Thanks Heather.

      1. Ah! As I suspected! As much as I believe in spay and neuter, it’s a bit of a shame with this guy. Alas, lovely boy nonetheless. One question, I live in Arizona and Bugsy doesn’t seem to tolerate the heat well. He pants a lot and trots or runs between shady areas, doesn’t even like sun on his body, so not “hot footing” it. I only take him out in the mornings. Is it perhaps that double coat? Oh, and he climbs or leaps up everything! Good grief, what athletic creatures they are!

        1. Hello Heather, it is interesting that he does not tolerate the heat that well. As you know most domestic cats do because that characteristic is inherited from the wild cat ancestor of the domestic cat. I think you’re probably right that his double coat keeps him particularly warm and I don’t know what the weather is like where you live but perhaps it is very warm. There is a certain limit to what cats tolerate comfortably and most cats anywhere will retreat into the shade. There are limits even for domestic cats.

  2. I’m so surprised that there seem to be so many of these gorgeous kitties around. I have a 4 year old girl who looks strikingly similar to all of the kitties mentioned previously. Her name is Luna. Luna was a stray kitty who was rescued off of the streets of Boston in January/February 2015. I adopted her from the MSPCA on 02/27/15. She’s great. She was pretty emotionally damaged by whatever she endured for the first two years of her life and took a very long time to warm up but slowly, her true personality has shown itself. She’s sassy, very devoted to me, and super playful. So glad to know about these cats. They’re incredible. I didn’t know anything about them. The MSPCA listed her as a medium haired grey cat. They said that I can’t say that she’s anything but because she doesn’t have pedigree papers. Her vet called her a long haired Russian Blue, the second he met her. Thank you.

    1. Your vet has described her well because as is the case for the other cats in the comments we don’t know if your cat is a Nebelung even although the appearance is correct. You say you are surprised at the number around. The point is that they are almost certainly not Nebelungs but look-a-likes. That said I can’t say for sure that they don’t have Nebelung genes. Some might have. You just need pedigree papers to prove it. Thanks for sharing photos of your gorgeous Luna, Heather. I am envious.

  3. Here’s my Beautiful baby girl Suki, she apparently came from a Gypsy, who sold her to a young boy I knew, fortunately for me, they had a dog, who his Mum thought wouldn’t tolerate cats, so she was walking around with two kittens, one black and white, and one grey, who became Suki. She was such a tiny kitten, and I first thought she may have been younger than six weeks old, however she was ravenous and ate the kitten food great. Her long fur didn’t come in until she was about a year or so old, now she has very soft silky silver grey fur, a small triangular face, her nose and paw pads are grey also, she is quiet, shy, nervous at times, and is not very vocal, sometimes opening her mouth but no sound coming out lol. Her voice is very quiet she kind of news softly, she is very affectionate and loves her Mama, cuddling up with me when it’s quiet at night. Now here’s the thing, a friend of mine has a cat called Daisy, who is a Nebulung, and on comparing our cats we discovered they look like twins lol, my friend insists that Suki is a Nebulung or at least a cross, I’ve added a photo or two of her. Nebelung or not is my precious princess. The attached photo is soon after I brought her home.

  4. Thank you!
    Good observation, Michael. Compared to my first Nebelung, Smokee, Vitto has far more fur and he is a tad darker shade of gray. I never thought of Maine Coon, but he definitely has some fur to share.

  5. One more pic of Vitto, this is his favorite pose when he is around me. He does it hoping that he’d get my attention and a few belly rubies. It just proves that Nebelungs are not your typical cats, they indeed behave as if they are dogs. Another favorite thing is to play fetch. My previous Nebelung would bring me a stick (about a foot long) and sit next to me until I threw it far away. When I describe these things to others no one seems to believe me that a cat does all that! But that’s their nature, you can expect anything and everything. Still my no. 1 is his very gentle kisses on my nose every morning, so the first thing I see when I open my eyes is his head towering over mine and I really do not have much choice left, but to pet him, or his kisses on my nose turn to kisses around my mouth. One persistent (and loving) cat! 🙂

    1. I see waves of fur. He has a very strong looking masculine face. It has hints of Maine Coon with a strong squarish muzzle. Very handsome cat. One of those cats that if you saw him you’d know immediately he was not a random bred cat. Not that random bred cat are bad. They are beautiful too but this look is different.

  6. I could only upload one picture at a time and this one is of a bit better quality than, at least his eyes stand out more. This was taken just a couple of weeks ago.

  7. Paradigm Nebelung breeder used to be located in Henderson, Nevada. I adopted a kitten from there almost 5 years ago. The breeder was in financial distress (2010 in Nevada, who was not) and was giving away all of her champion Nebelung cats for nothing.

    She also happened to have a litter of 2 month old Nebelungs, by pure accident. Her two cats mated without her knowledge, and since the breed is so intelligent, they figured out how to bypass all the closed doors in the house. Long story short, I found out through online forums that she had 5-6 kittens ready for adoption, along with her adult cats.

    Now, to add to this story, a month prior I had to put down my 5-year old Nebelung boy, due to acute renal failure. He was a wedding gift and I knew nothing of the breed, until after he died. He was so loving, intelligent and the most beautiful cat, and losing him at such a premature age simply broke my heart.

    I decided to learn what kind of breed he was and that is when I also decided to find another Nebelung, to adopt. Little did I know that the breed is so rare! I was desperate to find exactly the same breed and I almost adopted one from Europe (I live in Los Angeles), but fortunately, I found some common sense and decided not to, fearing that a kitten may not make it safely to California, all the way from Europe.

    Just a few days later somebody told me online that I should contact this breeder in Nevada, and sure enough… we were on our way to pick him up. I felt sorry for the breeder and I especially felt sorry for her 8 or 9 cats that she still had up for adoption. I only saw the dad and he was stunning! My current Nebelung, Vitto, is beautiful too, but the breeder never held her promise to mail us his paperwork, so he is without his pedigree. Honestly, I really do not care about it, all I care is his loving kind and the kisses that he gives me every morning as I am about to wake up.

    Now, I do need to say that so far I’ve had a fair share of health issues with both Nebelungs. The first one had the acute renal failure at the age of 5 and he peed everywhere his whole life. There was no exam left that we did not do to try to figure out what was wrong.

    The second, current Nebelung is one sickly guy too. When we adopted him from Henderson, the breeder was so hurting that she did not even have enough for their food, let alone for any shots. We brought him to our vet in LA the same day and heard that the little guy has a heart murmur. It broke my heart, but we did not want to return him or exchange him for another kitten. I felt a special bond with him right away and we decided to keep him no matter what.

    I told the breeder about it and all she could say was that none of her cats ever had any health issues. And, to add to that list, just a few short hours ago he was rushed to an emergency hospital, with 106.5 F fever and water in his lungs. The vet said that he developed asthma in the recent weeks or months. And he is only five. I feed him the top premium food, he has health insurance, has the best conditions at home, filtered/humidified air, you name it he has it. So, not sure if the breed is prone to these illnesses, or if I am just having bad luck with my Nebelungs?

    Either way, they are worth all the trouble and I would not want a cat of any other breed, even if one day I need to reach out to a breeder on another continent. That is how special these cats are. Very loving, vocal yes, but engaging and highly intelligent.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing Natasha. Great story. They are rare which makes your comment rare. I get so few comments like yours in which the person genuinely is the guardian of a fare purebred cat. Beautiful and special cat with “Nebelung’ written all over him. Sad about health issues. I am a bit cynical but many cat breeds do have these sorts of health issues because of selective breeding which is inbreeding really. Inbreeding causes a depressed immune system. This is why the average lifespan of a purebred cat is shorter than that of a random bred cat.

      This is great comment for this page. It adds to the page which is very useful. Thanks again.

  8. I adopted my gray cat, Nibby, back in 2001 and this month he past away from cancer. He was so special. My Nibby had fur that was unbelievably silky and he was a talker. He also played fetch and sleep with me all night! It’s going to be hard to find another friend like him but after stumbling across your website I can look into this breed as these beautiful cats remind me of my Nibby! Here is a picture of Nibs.

  9. Yes, we’ve wondered about how our gorgeous Clara could possibly have been a rescue as well. According to our rescue organization Eri, from Heaven on Earth rescue here in L.A., she was found in a nest of kittens under a porch. Sadly they were found becuse their mother had been frightened away from them, run into the street and was killed. The kittens were crying because they were hungry & the noise is what alerted someone to their presence. To this day, she has some tummy trouble and startles easily at sudden movements. But she is a lovely, sweet-tempered delicate, green-eyed darling, who literally glows with a silver-blue nimbus if she sits in a sunny window and eagerly rolls over for belly rubs once she gets to know you. She’s the breed standard in every way (except the shedding, weirdly enough, she doesn’t shed much). We figured that, since the recreated breed included a long-haired tabby, plus a Russian Blue, that this pairing might easily re-occur on the streets, so perhaps that explains it. We don’t care. We simply adore her.

  10. I find it amazing that most of the comments above involve abandoned or rescued cats that are eventually identified as Nebelung cats. I found a kitten in a cemetery and gave it to my sister. She called me today to tell me her vet identified her kitten as a Nebelung cat. She named him “Boo!”.

    Unless DNA is researched, how can anyone be sure their rescued cat is a Nebelung to be used for breeding or show purposes?

    1. I tend to be polite and nice to people and base the response on that premise but formally or strictly speaking in the West you can’t say any cat is purebred without a registered pedigree but all purebred cats are man made so there are unregistered Nebelungs out there especially in Russian where they originate from. They are on streets etc. In the America they are described as random bred cats. The point is the registered breeds are sometimes further from the orginal than the feral cat in the country they originated in. A good example is the Turkish Angora and Turkish Van. Please click on the link:

      Thanks for visiting and raising this knotty question.

  11. We adopted our cat in 2002 he was 2 yrs old at the time always wondered he looked a lot like a Russian Blue but has fine silky hair like angora we named him DaVinci because he looks like someone blue paint powder in his face. Thanks now we know he is a Nebelungen. There also is a castle (ruins) with the same name in Germany along the Rhine river.

  12. I have two identical Nebelung males that I got from a local shelter through PetSmart. After googling “longhaired Russian Blue” I found Nebelung. No idea how they came to be rescue cats, but they have worked their way into my heart! Even my eight-year-old Maine Coon Elwood loves on them. He is a blue mackeral, so I’ve dubbed all three cats “the Blues Brothers” and the Nebelungs are named Jake and Jethro. Jethro is extremely smart, it took him one time to learn how to fetch and now he routinely brings me different things to throw for him. These are wonderful cats.

  13. I found our Nebelung at the local shelter that I go to time to time to speak with the people who I got my other two cats from. I also have a Russian Blue Male and a Tabby female and was not planning on another cat when I fell completely in love. Ms. Princess Pearl who just turned one, she very much fits her title and she love of attention. She is VERY vocal with wanting me to pet her and she will get mad if I don’t. She is very smart and always getting her way. She is an awesome cat with a bright personality. I have always LOVED Russian Blues, now this might be my favorite breed. She is also good with my 6 year old son and love the furry family we have.

  14. Four years ago while traveling to Manti Utah to attend a wedding my wife said she say some small kittens along side the road side we turned around and went back to find three very small kittens that quickly came to us. There was an all black female a black female with four white boots and a little grey long haired that we kept for our own. we found a home in the next town for the two blacks and have had the grey one as a replacement Persian that died at age 17.
    We named her Misty and after a long search on the internet we found pictures of the Nebelung and Misty is an exact duplicate of the pictures you posted in every way. Her temperament is exactly the same also.
    Is it possible to register a cat by a photo or Photos. Not that that is necessary but it would be quite neat to do that.

  15. I am so glad I found your website. About 2 month ago we found a little kitten, on the spare tire of our pickup truck, the kitten hitched a ride for about 3 miles. I was so amazed by that little cat, she was so affectionate and loveable right from the get go. Like most people here I was going to find her a good home, since I already have 3 cats. I just couldn’t do it, there is something about her that is so special. I always wondered what kind of cat she is, since she is so pretty. I am pretty sure she is a Nebelung, the characteristics an her grey long hair fit the breed.

  16. I have a similar story to those previously posted…about 4-5 yrs ago I rescued my boy kitty from a house in my neighborhood that some young people were living in. Judging by the items they left behind (including a cat) they left in a hurry and in the middle of the night and were never heard from again.
    My intentions were to find this lovable cat a good home since we already had a cat so I didn’t want to get “attached” to him. That’s how I came up with the name “Gray-C” for Gray Cat. However, finding a home for any adult cat is very difficult and I eventually gave up and Gray is still here! I knew he wasn’t your average household cat because of his unique features and his handsome looks so I searched the internet for clues. When I saw the pictures here, I thought I was gonna pass out! I would swear the pictures above are all of Gray and now I am convinced he is also a Nebelung. I knew he was special.

    Thank you for creating this site. Especially for people like myself who are searching for answers that we may have never found had you not been here. It’s nice to know that there are so many of these beautiful creatures out there.

    I do have a request and maybe it’s something that can be considered for this site in the future, maybe? A place where pictures could be posted of all of our Nebelungs that included information about their characteristics and personalities, so we could compare them to others. Just a thought!!! Thank you.

    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for visiting and sharing your Nebelung experience. I would like to do as you request – allowing people to upload pictures etc. to compare. I will look into that again. I did have a form on the site for people to upload pictures and text but it was abused massively by spammers. It also went wrong 😉 For that reason I deactivated it. I’ll see if I can restart it.

  17. I took in a puff ball feral kitten. She’s grown into a gorgeous cat. I named her Georgia. I have been wondering what type of breed she was. She’s mainly inside so looking at her she is grey with silver but the other day I was outside and she came outside with me and when she got into the sunlight her coat shown blue. Surprised me! She is almost the spitting image of the pictures above (her face is not as long). She’s my pretty girl, I call her my Georgia Bell.

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    Great paintings! This is the kind of information that should be shared across the net. Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this put up higher! Come on over and consult with my site . Thank you =)

    1. Hi Haley, Thanks. I have just been to your site – nice site. I used to be a photographer too in the 1970s 🙂 A long time ago but I always like people who do photography. I think we are all similar. We have a connection.

  19. I rescued my kitty Dexter 2 years ago, he was the loudest and smartest cat there. He had found a way to open his cage and escape many times. After looking him up online I found that he is a Nebelung. He is so beautiful and quite the cuddler at night.

  20. I found a kitten in a parking lot. I asked around where she was sitting if anyone had maybe lost her, nobody claimed her. I intended to take her to the pound but I just couldn’t do it. I kept her and started giving her a healthy diet. A month later, I still have her, I named her Harlowe. Everyone asked me what kind of cat I have, I’m going to be honest I didn’t know. I googled it and narrowed it down to the Nebelung or the Russian Blue. To take it further I took her to my vet and it turns out that she is a Nebelung. I was amazed to know that the little starving kitten I had picked up was a rare (not the rarest)breed.

    1. Nice story and I like the name you gave her. Well done too in giving her a life. Thanks for visiting and sharing. She sounds like a beautiful cat.

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