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New York state about to formally fund TNR programs under new law — 14 Comments

  1. Why would anyone bitch about a city using taxes to fund TNR when the city already uses taxes to kill hundreds of dogs and cats every single day.

    The shelter/slaughterhouse system in NYC costs much more than any TNR programme would ever do.

  2. There would go one of the only valid selling-points of TNR, right out the window. That TNR will NEVER cost the taxpayer any money. But let us not count all the hours and days out of someone’s valuable time in their life that was diverted in having to deal with someone else’s unwanted cats and their diseased feces on their properties and all the destruction those TNR cats cause, that doesn’t cost anyone anything, now does it. That’s all just a “free” courtesy-feature of TNR.

    TNR was on thin-ice. Now it’s going to be dead in the water. You’ve got nothing left with which to sell the concept of TNR. If that legislation passes then your claims about TNR are now 100% false, instead of only being 99% false.

    • Woody, I’ll publish this (just) but you are wrong again. Yes, taxpayers will be funding TNR in NY state soon I hope but the overall end result will be a saving of taxpayers’ money. It is cheaper in the long run to adopt TNR practices than to use taxpayers’ money to trap, collect and kill feral cats. In addition killing them does not work.

      You did not think about that simple equation did you, you daft oaf.

      • Michael, so kind of you to take the time to respond to J.S. He really is being pretty civil.

        He has a very good knowledge of what TNR is about and rejects it all. His right, ofcourse.

        He doesn’t believe in the vacuum effect, which doesn’t necessarily relate to cats alone.

        Many people know that it applies to the “Woody’s. If this one were eradicated, then more would come in to fill the void.

        That’s, probably, why no one has “cleaned his clock” long ago.

        • Dee, is Taylor K not Woody but a Woody-like person? The vacuum effect is well known and almost universally accepted. Also taxpayers’ money is being well spent in TNR. I can’t see what he is moaning about.

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