New York State animal protection laws (with comments)

New York State animal protection laws

New York State’s animal protection laws are comprehensive and extensive which is unsurprising to me as it is one of just two US states which ban cat declawing (Aug 2023). The governing politicians are progressive. Because the law is extensive, I’ve focused on those parts that concern domestic cats and dogs together with other …

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Stress should not be a death sentence for shelter animals. Discuss.

Dog in pound in the US

The words of the title come from Nathan Winograd, America’s leading expert on animal shelters and one of the country’s leading animal advocates. He is referring to new legislation for New York State that came into force recently having been signed off by New York Gov Kathy Hotchul. Nathan Winograd argued very cogently against …

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NY Governor Kathy Hochul agrees that shelter animals ASSESSED as suffering mentally can be killed

Nathan Winograd, a US attorney and major animal welfare advocate, has written an open letter on Facebook to New York State’s governor, Kathleen Hochul, urging her to veto a proposed bill (S6870/A6246) in the state of New York (Companion Animal Care Standards Bill – now an Act – see below). Winograd argues that the …

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Infographic on US state of Virginia poised to ban cat declawing (the third state)

Virginia poised to ban declawing Nov 19, 2022

To anyone who cares anything about animal welfare this is great news. Great credit must be given to the politician who is introducing the proposed legislation (see infographic). The declawing of cats, for non-therapeutic reasons, in America and to a lesser extent in Canada is one of the world’s greatest examples of violence against …

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New York State: ‘mental suffering’ of shelter animal enough to euthanise ‘it’

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin appears to want to kill more shelter animals rather than 'shelter' them and find homes for them

New York State – News and comment: A controversial, proposed state law (bill) has been introduced by Assemblywoman Amie Paulin. It is legislation which would allow animal shelters to euthanise animals in their care who they think are suffering from psychological pain or ‘mental suffering’. How are they going to be able to assess …

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Are caracals legal in New York state?

Pet caracal with domestic cat friend

Caracals, as pets, are illegal in New York state and New York City. I discuss the law below. New York state The following law applies if you are considering having a caracal as a pet and you live in New York State: New York Consolidated Laws, Environmental Conservation Law – ENV § 11-0512. Possession, …

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Loved feral cat was mistakenly adopted out by a shelter due to a communications mix-up


SOUTHAMPTON, NEW YORK STATE – NEWS AND COMMENT: This is an unusual story of a female feral cat who might have been part of a TNR program and therefore part of a colony but she was informally adopted by Meghan Fitzgerald and her husband Nick outside of the programme because they befriended her and …

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New York City exotic animal trader sold wildcat kittens as house pets

Young caracals believed to be the ones traded by Casacci

NEWS AND VIEWS: In violation of New York State law governing the commercial possession and sale of wild cat species such as the caracal and serval, Christopher Casacci, 38, of Amherst, traded in these exotic African cats under the guise of selling domestic pets. He sold dozens of caracals and servals for $7,500 to …

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