Residents set hunting traps for outside domestic and feral cats in Nassau County, NY

Hunting trap used to catch domestic and feral cats --(credit: CBS2)

In the hamlet of Baldwin, Nassau County, NY, USA, some residents are setting hunting traps in the neighbourhood, reports CBS local online. This is not believed to be the actions of a lone cat hating individual. In all six traps … please continue reading

New Jersey veterinarians try and con cat owners into believing declawing saves lives

New Jersey veterinarians are terrified about losing their declawing business (a substantial bread and butter income). There is a distinct possibility that the law makers of the state will ban declawing statewide. New York state is also debating the same … please continue reading

Ricky Gervais Supports The Paw Project and Encourages New York State to Ban Declawing

It is great to see the well-known comedian and actor both supporting The Paw Project and encouraging New York legislators to turn the Bill they are debating on the banning of declawing into law (a statute). The debate amongst the … please continue reading

Geezer Butler, Founding Member of Black Sabbath Supports New York Ban on Declawing

Geezer Butler

I’m delighted to report that Black Sabbath’s co-founder and bassist is a self-proclaimed crazy cat person vehemently against the declawing of cats. He likes performing in New York and you may recall that in the state of New York the … please continue reading

New York state about to formally fund TNR programs under new law

New York State’s legislators have been debating two pieces of draft legislation (bills) that will be a huge step in formally legitimising the trap-neuter-return (TNR) process of managing feral cat colonies (better described as community cats). This is because once … please continue reading