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  2. Nice Job Elisa!

    Reading your article makes me thankful for what we do have in the upstate. It’s not perfect, but it’s working and improving.

    I have a cat that would not do well in an enclosure. That’s why Bob is my first foster failure. My latest foster, Kentucky, would not poo in a cage, so she was given the entire room. She’s elsewhere getting socialized now.

    Keep up the good work.

      • Rehab? Yes, she needs to learn how to be a comfortable, and safe kitty. That will be time and attention more than anything.

        NO, No PTSD, she’s relatively a calm, accepting cat. She let Annie hold and cuddle with her at PetSmart, and explored the room off of the catcages without fear.

        I think she’s used to gobbling food fast, so she wouldn’t be hungry. She was being fed these last months, but perhaps other kitties were, too.

        So at Annie’s she with other cats that were fed inconsistently and everyone is fed at the same time. She also gets to socialize. Perhaps she’ll learn how to play?

        I’ll keep you up to date.


  3. The real situation in Palm Beach County is that there are too many animals and not enough homes.
    And posters here make light of the fact that $250,000 is now funded for free spay neuter. Where are the homes posters here claim are out there? Where is the space to keep the ones until these imaginary homes appear. Meanwhile more are born. Even more if funding for free spay neuter was not demanded by those trying to stop this killing.

    Headline: Palm Beach non profit Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League urgently needs hundreds of cats and dogs to be adopted

    did any posters here find a home for this cat? Tons of similar situations here when people lose jobs, get sick etc. these “adoptable” cats and dogs have no place to go when no kills have convenience of refusing to take them due to no space. County by law must take them. Still waiting for phone number of no kill place to refer people to who can’t keep a found dog or cat.

  4. The fact that you make statements about me not even knowing what I do or have done makes me question other statements you are making.

  5. You have no idea what I have done or haven’t done, but I can tell you that I put my money where my mouth is. Unlike you who just talks b.s. and hides behind an alias.

  6. Has warrior sought out a commissioner to support a law regulating cat trapping? Has warrior filed a complaint with the inspector general? Has warrior gotten the hear of a news reporter to do a story? Has warrior written a letter to the editor? Has warrior made a citizen’s presentation?

    The public won’t know the information you know as long as it’s only whispered in obscure posts on the internet. Talk about armchair advocate.

      • Posts on social media sites that are not seen by those who need to see them: elected officials, news reporters and the general public who either don’t know so many animals are being killed and should know, even if all they care about is their tax dollars going to waste.

        My heroes in the cat world are those out on the streets doing trap neuter return or placement. Those heroes keep future cats out of shelters and preserve space for those already languishing in shelters whether funded by tax deductible donations or directly by tax funds.

        They give their time, energy, money, health, personal lives. That’s why I fought hard to get money funding spay neuter as a taxpayer in Palm Beach County.

        To those visiting the shelter many times a week, the world needs to know what you have documented, so why object when I suggest you get your information to places where there is a possibility for change? Because residents spoke up demanding funding for spay neuter recently, animals of the county will benefit. I’m proud to have done my part. As for what else I do or have done. I’m not trying to get praise. I just do what has to be done with whatever time and resources I have. This is not a competition. There is strength in unity, not infighting, which by the way is one of the goals of Countdown to Zero listed. It definitely will fail if everyone doesn’t come to the table on behalf of the animals.

        • Cc, a program can’t fail if it doesn’t exist.

          That is my whole issue with Countdown 2 Zero. I can’t find any evidence that a real structured program exists.

          The money was allocated to reduce the number of ADOPTABLE pets being killed. It’s not for ferals; it’s not for expanding the shelter; it’s not for shelter maintenace; it’s not for salaries.

          I fail to see just how the money will be used in order to achieve the mission goal.

          • 250,000 dollars funded for this year for free spay neuters in the community at I believe $50 to be done at non profit Peggy Adams spay neuter clinic was what was presented at the budget meeting. That works out to I believe 5000 surgeries for dogs and cats. and you don’t think 5000 spay neuter surgeries will have any effect on reducing the number of cats and dogs killed at the county shelter or on the streets or languishing in cages at non profits?

            Have you ever actually done TNR in your neighborhood. I have. Spaying that female cat that is roaming around producing kittens a couple or more times a year has an immediate impact. On both stopping the birth of more kittens from that cat and the offspring of that cat.

            I’d like to hear any true TNR cat person tell me that those 5000 surgeries will not help cats.

            I’ve wasted enough time here. Goodbye. For real.

            PS: I visited the urgent cat FB page. Do you see the 12 year old cat that lived with someone and now has to go due to personal situation. I’d not going to judge that person but is anyone on this site going to contact those rescues who missed out on saving the hoarder’s cat and save that cat’s life? B/c it’s going to the county shelter soon per the post.

            • Yes, I have a bit of a hand in TNR. LOL!
              Spay/neutering is great for all cats.
              But, my understanding is that the money is to be used, specifically, for adoptable pets – no others.

            • I think I may qualify as a true TNR cat person.
              Yes, 5000 spay/neuters is a huge number and would certainly make an impact.
              Sadly, the money is specific for adoptable animals, which actually includes dogs too.

              • Dee, since you seem truly interested in having a discussion, i have to break my promise to myself to stop replying to posts that are just argumentative.

                if you listen to the meeting tape its all about community cats (which really means feral cats and cats of income qualified persons) . My understanding it that it is to fund free spay neuter for community cats and large dogs. the two types of animals that the shelter is killing more than any others. If I’m wrong I’m sure that poster who knows more than me will correct me. by the way the shelter was doing feral cat spays calling them op around the clock until commission stop funding them. There is also a local vegan restaurant Darbsters who has been funding them at the shelter and at Peggy Adams. Not sorted in any order by date




              • No “reply” available.

                So, I viewed and listened to all 5 meetings.
                TNR and feral/community cats are mentioned quite a bit. But, what is always being stated is that the Countdown 2 Zero goal is to reduce the number of adoptable pets being killed. That pretty much excludes feral.

                I think it’s very confusing to have that stated goal but, then, earmark the money for community cats. Perhaps, the mission statement needs a rewrite.

                Believe me, I would be thrilled to know that the money was going toward ferals. And, hope it will as long as AC stops trapping TNR’d ones and taking them in to be killed. I’m appalled by that. Eartipping is the universal language to leave alone. In my county, TNR is headed by a private not-for-profit rescue and neither AC nor the county shelter are privvy to any colony location and are forbidden to pick up any eartipped feral unless a nuisance call was made. In that case, the cat is checked to ascertain microchipping and the rescue is called to pick up and intervene with the complaint.

                I’m sorry to say that I find all that is happening in PBC to be disorganized and uninformed.

              • No “reply” available.
                So, I viewed and listened to all 5 meetings.
                TNR and feral/community cats are mentioned quite a bit. But, what is always being stated is that the Countdown 2 Zero goal is to reduce the number of adoptable pets being killed. That pretty much excludes feral.
                I think it’s very confusing to have that stated goal but, then, earmark the money for community cats. Perhaps, the mission statement needs a rewrite.
                Believe me, I would be thrilled to know that the money was going toward ferals. And, hope it will as long as AC stops trapping TNR’d ones and taking them in to be killed. I’m appalled by that. Eartipping is the universal language to leave alone. In my county, TNR is headed by a private not-for-profit rescue and neither AC nor the county shelter are privvy to any colony location and are forbidden to pick up any eartipped feral unless a nuisance call was made. In that case, the cat is checked to ascertain microchipping and the rescue is called to pick up and intervene with the complaint.
                I’m sorry to say that I find all that is happening in PBC to be disorganized and uninformed.

          • Exactly Dee! CountDown2Zero is nothing but a bunch of promises with absolutely no step by step plan or list of shelter policies and procedures to back it up.

            One thing we all know is you can’t just throw money at a problem. If there is not the right leadership and a step by step plan, then it’s just throwing money at a problem. How often does that ever work?

            Darbster Foundation funded both op around the clock and Peggy Adams TNR on National Feral Cat day, so that money came from outside of tax payer dollars. Thank God for Darbster, but they were helping save lives even before CountDown2Zero so their generosity is completely separate from CountDown2Zero. The shelter can’t expect outside non-profits to do it all.

            Yes, of course TNR is important and spay/neuter programs are absolutely necessary and always will be, but they are not the total solution here. It will prevent many births, but does not save the adult cat from being trapped and killed by the county. Although CountDown2Zero speaks about aggressive implementing life saving programs, they don’t say what programs or how.

            From the website –

            Our Critical Areas of Focus:
            *High Volume-Affordable Spay/Neuter
            * Proactive Lost & Found
            *TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return)
            *Medical and Behavior Programs
            *Proactive and Efficient Adoptions
            *Rescue Networks
            *Foster Care
            *Keeping Pets and People Together
            *Community Outreach and Involvement Advocacy

            There is no proactive lost and found. Peggy Adams recently updated their website and had the lost and found listings so you could click on the photos and share right to fb, twitter, etc and they even posted them on their fb page, but then they disabled the share feature and stopped sharing the lost animal posts on their fb page.

            Medical and behavior problems? Just look at the 3 terrified baby kittens and we have the answer to that.

            Not one of these mission statement points has anything to back it up. Any effective plan has to state who, what, why, how , etc.

            Not one of those links shared by Caretaker goes into any detail at all on how they plan on doing any of it other than a pretty website with inspiring words. All of the other links about every article ever written about the shelter are not helpful either.

            Since Caretaker knows so much why won’t she answer a direct question? She criticizes everything printed here yet skirts every question like a politician. Caretaker – Where are the details of the step by step plan for CountDown2Zero? As far as your comment about it’s because there is no funding, no one funds an “idea”. Whether a private business or non-profit, no one is going to just keep handing you money unless you have a step by step business plan. Caretaker you say your focus is free spay/neuter. I think that’s great! I really do, yet you don’t give any details either on how when asked by myself and by Dee. Free spay/neuter is needed for ALL cats because most of the free roaming cats were dumped by their owners. You criticize what I do, so why not instead tell us what YOU are doing then. Don’t tell us what we should do – that’s very “Diane Sauve” – tell us what you are doing, because so far it’s as vague as CountDown2Zero

            • Beautiful, Tonya. Agreed.
              The bogus goal of that loosely not-in-place program is to save adoptable pets.
              I have searched and searched for details.
              There are none.
              I don’t know how anyone can support a project that has no substance, unless they are an intregal part of this bogus thing. It smells of a “take the money and run” scenario to me.

              • It makes me mad when we are challenged to disclose our cat welfare efforts but, the challenger doesn’t disclose anything.
                I work my butt off, as well as you and Elisa. We may not share the same venue, but we are passionate about cats.
                This Diane person just needs to go in my book. She’s just too stupid to have any authority over animal welfare.

  7. Miss Alias certainly seems to have a lot to say for someone who said she does not go into the shelter, does not foster, does not work with rescues, did not know their government facebook page existed, has nothing to do with implementing the Countdown 2 Zero plan, etc. etc. You can’t reveal who you are, only that you are an “advocate”. Yes honey, you and a million other “armchair advocates.”

    • Someone here apparently has alot of alleged information about wrong doings at the shelter and they claim to be a warrior and put down “armchair” advocates. Well warrior here’s your chance to stop what’s going on: Sign up and give a presentation and ask for a response from our elected officials about your allegations. http://www.pbcgov.com/countycommissioners/

      During the first meeting of the month, with the exception of January and August, citizens may offer comments on any issue or topic during Matters by the Public. Workshops are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. All meetings are carried live on PBC-TV Channel 20 on this Web site.

      • There are no “alleged” wrong doings. I have emails, screenshots and my own meeting with the director to back it all up. I am also at the shelter often, sometimes as much as 3 times a week. I have not only seen all of the empty cages, I have photos, dates, cage numbers etc. I have seen cats who were purring and rubbing up against the cage killed for “behavior.” Nothing I am sharing here is made up. You are the one who chose to comment on the article, say it’s useless as well as my own comments and information about what goes on. That is your opinion. This article is having an effect already. You are also telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. How about you mind your own business and do things your way and I’ll do them mine. I’m not telling you what you should be doing or how you should be doing it, am I? Yet you seem to think you can tell everyone else what they should be doing. Sounds familiar.

  8. I have nothing to do with implementing the countdown to zero plan . I happen to live in Palm Beach county now and have been an advocate for strays since childhood. Suggest maybe someone call either Diane Sauve or Rich Anderson from the non profit Peggy Adams who both gave the presentation to the Commissioners and ask them whether they started using the 250,000 yet. I do know an adoption event was held but that was before the Commission approved the money which is for spay neuter not adoption events.

    here is a story about the event

    perhaps whoever is writing this blog will ask them for an interview. then you can bring up all the concerns posted here.

  9. and by the way, I’m sure I don’t need to explain to cat people how spaying and neutering cats today does have an immediate effect (as immediate as the gestation period for cats) on preventing more suffering and adding more unwanted competition for cats already here.

    so that 250,000 funding for free spay neuter is a good place to start even if that’s all the county commissioners would approve.

    • Hi, thanks. I’m not sure you are following what I;m saying.

      Do you have the means to spell out the specifics in Countdown 2 Zero? What is their step-by-step approach? And, what are their accomplishments to date?

    • Thank you. I will read every one of the links in search of what the plan really is for Countdown 2 Zero. The plan is what I am really in search of. My findings turn up nothing.

      • There is no “plan” for Countdown 2 Zero, so you won’t find it Dee. You are right that a step by step plan is non-exist. The only thing you will find is a mission statement that almost mimics No Kill. There is no step by step plan, no financial plan, no nothing on the website or any of the other links posted. Ready away but it will just take you round and a round.

        As far as what the director said in the video, it contradicts what she does and also contradicts a statement she made to me, in person, last year. She’s about as trustworthy as a snake.

  10. Exactly. It was passed and then nothing happened to fund it until advocates such as myself and many others started demanding it be funded. I hope more people speak up next year b/c it’s in jeopardy of not being funded and the 250000 surplus used for free spay neuter this year might not replenished. They need at least 500,000 added to the pot for this. and they need to add more to do more free spay neuter and fund the other items listed in goals. without money from county, it’s not going to happen. I am not a cheerleader for the county. far from it. but what can you do when most of the community has sat silently for years and not demanded change? The squeaking wheel gets the grease. But even in Miami Dade when they voted themselves a property tax increase, it was not implemented by elected officials. So I consider Countdown to Zero and the actual of funding 250,000 a minor miracle. B/c it could have been Zero funding. If you listen to the meetings, they mention calls and emails from the public. That’s why they went along with it. They respond b/c people like me contacted them. Don’t know why you are targeting THE acc DIRECTOR when she is the one who is presenting the countdown to zero effort and she presented the breeder registration ordinance a few years ago. This was not a citizen’s initiative. if it was it would have been through a commissioner’s proposed resolution. Her countdown to zero presentation i think is also somewhere on you tube. Her breeder ordinance presentation is at this link


    originally she tried to get mandatory sterilization but the dog breeders got involved and killed that.

    In Broward county the same thing happened. But they got no funds. Did you see this article


    and this website http://killthisdog.com/

    here is an editorial from palm beach post about the breeder ordinance

  11. Where is “reply” when you need it?

    Thanks for the info, Caretaker. I read everything I could about the Countdown 2 Zero. The plan was approved almost 9 months ago and has a decent, but generic mission statement.

    What I’m not finding are the specific steps being taken to accomplish the mission and how it is being worked today.

    For me, it’s not acceptable to voice an initiative and not have a step-by-step action plan, with deadlines, that are clear and made public. Afterall, this initiative is being funded by the people.

    Nine months is a long time for the Commissioners not to be asking about the progress of Countdown 2 Zero, which leads me to believe that it is a wall of fog (don’t want to say farce).

    Yes, I am not in PBC; but, as an outsider Floridian looking in, I believe that the cat welfare there would be best served by dismissing Diane Sauve and appointing someone else with the capabilities of making the vision a reality.

    I’ll make my opinion known to each Commissioner.

  12. Elisa, Dee & Tonya: I really admire you ladies for everything you do to help cats in need. I don’t know where you find the strength to keep fighting what seems to be a never ending battle. I see a lot of supportive comments on FB, but do the majority of the general public know what goes on behind the scenes, or do they not care enough to put pressure on the respective authorities and organisations?

    We are very fortunate in the UK that the majority of cat rescues are no-kill, nor do we have AC. Admittedly rescues don’t always have the space or resources to take in every cat or kitten that needs re-homing, but our situation is nowhere near as bad as in the USA. I suspect that may in part be due to the widespread tolerance of free-roaming cats here. Lack of a permanent home is not an automatic death sentence, because living outdoors is not considered an unacceptable lifestyle, provided that the cat has a regular source of food, a warm, dry shelter and access to medical care when required. If they’re full, most rescues here ask people to feed the cat(s) until they have the space to take them in for re-homing.

    • I have a big mouth and a unique talent for pissing people off, which apparently I inherited from both sides of my family. I’ve turned into a 53 year old widow who does “homework” on a daily basis but must choose my topics carefully because God forbid this to feel like work. If I don’t have an interest in a topic I can’t write on it. That’s the secret to writing. If it doesn’t flow freely, you’re not writing with passion.:)

    • Thank you so much for that, Michele.
      It’s so hard here with so many, but the fight is always on. I’ll never give up. And, I doubt that Elisa or Tonya ever will either.
      You live in a whole different world and so wish that attitudes were the same here. But, our country is huge and so divided about everything, including animal welfare. So many cats, no homes; nobody can agree on anything.
      I appreciate that someone has an understanding of why we cry ourselves to sleep.

      • I just don’t know where you find the energy to keep fighting. I take my hat off to you ladies for that alone.

        The more I read on-line about the situation in other countries, the more I am truly thankful to live in a fairly cat-friendly culture. These articles have really brought it home to me how very fortunate we are.

        Has the attitude towards cats always been that way in the USA, or has it changed over the years? Is it driven by an increase in the cat population? (I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard that the USA has a disproportionate number of stray/feral cats compared to the UK.)

        • 2-3 million rescue cats are killed in cat “shelters” annually in the USA and most are perfectly adoptable. We don’t know the precise figure and not everyone is counting and that alone speaks volumes.

          Yet, there are tens of millions of cat lovers in the US and some great cat ladies too.

    • Thank you Michele. What keeps me going is knowing things will change. Any information put out there, especially articles like this do have an impact. We don’t have an animal problem here, we have a people problem. Awareness is extremely important and is the first step to change. The attitude and belief system held by the “leaders” is negative, regressive and acts like a noxious gas permeating throughout the shelter building and into our community. Killing is a choice. The same millions of dollars, work and energy that has gone into killing in the past 12 years could have been used to save lives instead. It always comes down to beliefs, values and attitude. Always there is a choice.

  13. Attacking me is unproductive and I will continue to speak for the cats. Your excuses are very much in line with the shelters for why they kill. There are other ways and killing is a choice.

    • Sorry, can’t let this accusation that I’m attacking Tonya go unreplied. Nowhere in any of my comments was she “attacked” . I only encouraged her to bring her information about concerns about ACC into a forum where they can be loudly heard and addressed before the elected officials.

      All other posts had to do with providing information about recent Countdown to Zero initiative and recent funding for free spay neuter and tragedy of pet overpopulation and lack of homes and places for people finding cats but unable to keep them b/c all non profit cat rescues are always full.

      Where was the attack?

      • and if anyone doesn’t think elected official or ACC will respond appropriate to valid complaints, concerns, there is always the Palm Beach County Office of the Inspector General http://www.pbcgov.com/oig/

        Their website says : The OIG needs your help. To report allegations or see illustrations of suspected waste, fraud, misconduct, mismanagement or other abuses, click the icon above.

      • Why don’t you just reveal who you are instead of hiding behind an alias? Whether YOU think the article or me posting here is unproductive is your opinion. Why don’t you tell us what you are doing to get funding for spay/neuter as you posted above? Rather than tell me what I should be doing, tell us exactly what you have been doing.

        • This is why it’s unproductive to try to post and make suggestions, as long as some want to pretend they are being attacked in order to avoid having an intelligent discussion about how to be a more effective advocate. And trying to “out me”, really? another evasive tactic.

          • if you post on sites like this you have to allow everyone to say what they want, for example, the comment to me by Dee “Where is the kitten now? Dead? Did you have him killed?”

            Despite being accused of being a cat killer, I calmly replied to her. the kitten, now a cat is very much alive, no thanks to local non profit cat rescues or non profit spay neuter clinics who refused to, if they returned my call at all, help me place him or even neuter him (due to liability issues) He was neutered at my expense at a private veterinarian.

            • I appreciated your polite reply CC. I didn’t intend to come across in an accusing way.

              Here, in the USA, it’s pretty common to have less than perfect cats destroyed, as I’m sure you know.

              I can’t tell you how many people recommended that I have my blind cat PTS when it, tragically, happened to her.

              I have a big beef with many of the no-kill shelters and rescues as well – always full and not even a bit of help or advise for anything.

              HSUS is the worse in my book. It took years before I discovered what a secret organization they really were. They keep their no-kill status by sending their overflow to the county kill shelter. Then, they can accept a new influx and don’t do any killings themselves.

              I would love to be able to focus more on the no-kills, but I have my hands full with the assembly line killings going on in taxpayer supported counties.

              • Thank you for your reply. I had two blind cats over my lifetime. One a childhood pet. One a feral that was taken in after he became blind. The reason I advocate to get changes in taxpayer supported shelters is b/c the non profits have no regulation and are not accountable to anyone. Unless you are an insider there, you don’t know what goes on behind the doors or with the finances. So my advocacy time is spent fighting for free spay neuter to prevent the births b/c I know there are not enough homes and if the non profits admit they have no space, what do they want the county shelter to do with the overflow. I digest all the info and try to come to a logical conclusion. In this instance my reasoning says, if non profits say they can’t help me find a home or a cat or a positive kitten, then what do they want the county shelter to do with all the unwanted ones? And by the way, the ACC director publicly stated in her presentation that the best thing for cats is TNR. I’m supporting the current effort to focus on spay neuter and for all rescues to work together with the county b/c that sends a positive message to the community that they have to also do their part. I’m not happy, despite intensive lobbying during the last budget process, the elected commissioners did not allocate more money to this effort and in fact next year may not fund it all or even replenish the 250,000 surplus that they approved use of by the ACC Director to fund free spay neuter this year. Its all in the video of the meeting link i provided. Nothing is hidden. See also the public comment period where two citizens asked very good questions. I don’t have information about any inside goings on at the shelter, that’s why I suggested to posters here if they do know something is wrong or have suggested improvements to make them known in places like the public comment hearings at commission meetings like those two individuals did.

                Since many nonprofits locally have joined in this effort and they all held an adoption event together as the first event of the group, I’m willing to give it a chance of success although if properly funded the end of killing could be accomplished much sooner. If interested go to which has the details of the initiative

            • If you have information that would genuinely help the cats at PBC, why do you feel the need to disguise your identity? That only heightens our suspicion that the director would not be above retaliation against those who help the cats at PBC. Of course, the other thought I have is that you are of no help to the cats, and merely defending the status quo at PBC.

              • i really don’t care about your suspicions. I owe you nothing, no information. nothing. I don’t care who you are or even if your name is really Brenda or Tonya. I’m not testifying in court or lobbying to elected officials where my identity is needed.

                This blog does not require personal identity to be posted to participate. If it did, I wouldn’t primarily b/c of people who for some reason want personal information about posters to do who knows what with. the information and links i give are for info. i leave it up to intelligent people to decide where my posts contribute anything or not. If not, just ignore them.

                Believe me after this experience, there probably won’t be many more.

  14. To anyone who might want to know, the feline leukemia kitten is alive. my point in telling the story about the kitten was to demonstrate that Palm Beach and neighboring cat rescue groups are not accepting every cat or imperfect kitten from the public who finds them and contacts them for help. So most who can not keep the cat or kitten will then either turn it over to ACC which is open admission or leave it to die in the streets. So it they can’t take in cats or kittens when people call them first before then end up at ACC, then how to they expect ACC to keep every cat or kitten left there as more come in?

    • Grateful that the kitten is alive.
      Is she with you or not?

      Ofcourse all no-kill shelters are full.
      I’ve tried for over 20 years to get any kitten dropped on my deck admitted without success. They are always full. Mostly full with dogs. So, there is no room for cats.
      The answer for me with an FIV positive kitten is to keep them myself. I have a houseful of cats, but the only thing an FIV cat needs is their own litter box.
      If I can monitor that, anyone can.

    • Is the kitten with you or not?
      So, if you keep her/him yourself and adopt out. What’s the [roblem?
      You only have one cat, correct? Not 20?

  15. Tonya: since you are directing comments to me, my comment about the the rescue that would not take the Feline leukemia cat had nothing to do with ACC. I am an individual, never have volunteered for any ACC. Did rescue on my own. No local rescue would help me place the feline leukemia positive kitten I found. So where are all these homes for all the cats in South Florida?

    And why is a local non profit flying in puppies when there are local dogs that are being euthanized every day?

    were you at the budget workshop where the funding was discussed b/c I didn’t see you appear as a speaker at the public comment period when all this could have been brought up and the ACC director and the commissioners would have had to respond. Posting on this site is not going to get results.

    regarding my comment of photos of cats and dogs. I’m referring to the official link to the county shelter page. I don’t know anything about the other site you referred to. Are you saying the county has another site?

    Please post a number where people finding cats or kittens can bring them where they will be cared for if you don’t want any cats being dumped on the streets of South Florida or at the county shelter.

  16. So many things wrong in PB as well as all over.

    Foremost in my mind is that Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control is in charge of all programs relevant to cats. Of course, they answer to the County Commissioners; but, they carry heavy weight with them unless there is strong opposition in the audience. I attend every County Commissioner meeting I can when the subject of animals is on the agenda.

    It appears that PB County incorporated a TNR program into their ordinances in 2012 and feral colonies are registered with ACC. Now, there is this Countdown 2 Zero initiative which really says nothing about how it works. I don’t understand how the $250,000 funded for the spaying and neutering program is going to reduce the euthanasia rate for adoptable cats TODAY.

    From my readings, both of these programs lack substance and structure.
    They are both manned by ACC which lacks the time and resources to oversee successfully. It would have behooved them to research such programs in other counties. They would have discovered that, at least, county animal services do not manage community cat programs. A private rescue group generally does.

    The poor cats in PB have the wolf in charge of the hen house.

  17. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League are Countdown 2 Zero partners. With the recent dog hoarding cases they both jumped to their immediate rescue. Peggy Adams even helped in the most recent one in another county HOURS away. How can they be a CountDown2Zero partner, turn their backs on these cats and then turn right around and head hours away to go help a dog hoarder case in another county? That is like a slap in the face. See full article here http://raycomgroup.worldnow.com/story/26687315/eighty-dogs-resc

    The next cat hoarder case, which is inevitable just like dog hoarding cases, needs to be handled compassionately and professionally in a COLLABORATIVE manner.

    • The same thing happened in Anderson with the Julianne Westberry cats. Rescues had over the 4th of July weekend to save 30 cats due to space. Yet last year when a puppy mill was busted the shelter even called in the National Guard (seriously) and public works to restore power to the old closed down facility. Public outcry saved the cats.

      • It is very sad that a shelter considers the life of one animal more important than another. This is why it is so important to not only speak up, but follow up on these cases. That is how all change occurs. It begins with awareness. Most people in this county don’t even know we have a high kill shelter or that cats are trapped daily, even their own. I have had more and more people write to me and thank me for helping to create this awareness because they had no idea what is going on. They are now not only sharing the information with their friends, family, neighbors and co-workders, some of them have gone to the shelter and adopted both cats and dogs. Another is volunteering and so on….. People can’t help if they don’t even know what is going on or how things work – or in this case “don’t work.”

      • The shelter in Greenville that I work with ALWAYS gives the dog or cat a name. I adopted one named Oozy after an oozing abscess. Even if it’s a stupid name the animal still gets a name 🙂 BTW, we left him as Oozy, as it seemed to suit him. And his oozing abscess healed.

        We also rescued and adopted a severely injured cat named Sealy, who had his whopped off by a car fan blade. Even the injured are given a chance in Greenville, with emergency emails and Facebook postings going out to save a life. Then we work on raising the vet funds after the animal is out of the shelter. Maybe Palm Beach could learn from Greenville. Their kill rate is only 40%, which I thought was high before learning Palm Beach is 80%.

  18. So many of the shelters are completely dog-centric. At “my” county shelter, the cats are housed, sometimes 50 at a time, in a very small, cramped, smelly, hot room situated between the dog kennels (endless barking) and the enclosed driveway. The doorway to the dog kennels must be kept open, otherwise sewage fumes collect in the cat room. The driveway is where all new animals are delivered. It is also where euthanasia is performed (heartstick and IP). Can you imagine the stress level? Last winter there was no heat in the cat room. The shelter was cited for that but I am betting it has not been repaired. In the area where cats are held before they go to the adoption floor, there is no climate control at all and the State of North Carolina (which has egregious animal protection laws) doesn’t really care because, you know, they’re just cats.

  19. Whenever I speak up about the atrocities at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, I’m attacked not only by the shelter, but by some volunteers as well. I am told to “foster MORE” “do MORE” “donate MORE” etc. Those of you who know me, know that I have been working around the clock for two years fostering, rescuing, transporting, donating, taking up collections and delivering cat food and other supplies to the shelter. I even spent hours taking and uploading videos of the cats for adoption to help promote them but both the Urgent Cats page and the County page refuse to post them. I saved as many of the cats from the hoarder case as I possibly could, but yet the problem is not with the shelter, it’s because I don’t “DO MORE.” Other fosters and volunteers are getting the same reply “DO MORE.” No amount of “DOING MORE” can ever make up for a shelter whose policies and procedures are hell bent on killing.

    As long as people keep defending what the shelter has been doing with millions of dollars of tax payer’s money in the last 12 years, it will continue. Are you really wanting to save the cats or kiss the director’s ass? Diane Sauve has had TWELVE years to make a difference and her goal is to ride it out another TEN until her retirement. If you want to continue kissing her ass then please do so, but cat fosters and volunteers are walking away in droves because they are so worn down, heartbroken and feel defeated. No matter what they do, they are told it’s “not enough” and are treated as nuisances while the dog volunteers are treated like Gods. Are you going to turn your back on the cats now or speak up and tell the truth for all of the innocent animals sitting in the cages and traps right now scared and wondering what is going to happen to them? What is more important? People pleasing or saving scared innocent cats?

      • I agree Dee. The difficulty I’ve had here is that fosters and volunteers will complain to me about what they witness and experience with the shelter, but they won’t speak out. The responses are always “I don’t want to offend anyone”, “The rescue world is small and I don’t want to burn any bridges” et. etc. HELLO!!! Why are you in rescue? To save lives! You can’t do that by trying to please everyone and walk on eggshells. What is interesting is I have had more support in getting the word out and finding help for the cats in Palm Beach County from people out of area than from the people who actually live here. I am so thankful that there are people who care and who are willing to write about this situation. The Palm Beach Post and The Sun Sentinel will write about the hoarder cases initially for the sensationalism but won’t follow up and specifically The Palm Beach Post will not write anything that goes against the shelter’s current practices.

  20. Regarding CareTakers comments that cats and dogs are shared equally, NO THEY ARE NOT. The article specifically states the Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control official government facebook page. Here is the link to the page and also throughout the page you will find dozens of comments from concerned citizens like the one here. Finally, last week they posted an album with 7 cats in it to shut people up. Since then? only dog posts
    Here is the link to the page – feel free to scroll through it https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Palm-Beach-County-Animal-Care-and-Control/116168078444016

  21. Regarding CareTakers comment. The rescue upstate did not deny the rescue, the shelter did. The rescue had been set in place weeks before according to a prior post on Urgent Cats of Palm Beach County. Then in the screen shot here, they asked for help with transport. SUDDENLY with no warning the cats were killed. They had rescue, they had transport – “The SHELTER did not approve.”

  22. Regarding giving names this is the official adoption page of the shelter they seem to alternate posting dogs and cats and all have names.


    Here is a recent cat one

    Hope people start addressing their elected officials about their concerns about the killing of so many animals in our communities and copy all local newspapers, and other media at the same time. And tell your family, friends and neighbors to stop breeding their pets, even if they claim they find “free to good homes” for them all. These soon grow up also unspayed unneutered and continue the cycle of suffering and death.

    The pet overpopulation situation is horrendous. The workshop where the ACC budget presentation allowed public comments. Wish those commenting here would have spoken up there to have their concerns addressed or at least put on record for the public to hear them. Hope that happens at future meetings.

  23. Wow. Elisa, this is one of your finest pieces ever. You have addressed and called to light what other journalists have totally missed or ignored.

    • Most cases I know what’s going on but can’t get the proof. I have to be very careful that what I write can be backed up. I’m not as good as YesBisquit but I’m working on it. The thing to keep in mind is this is going on in shelters across the country. Just wait for my next one. I believe it’s about contaminated vaccines.

    • Elisa, I think you’re right that shelters and AC over-diagnose “behavioural problems” as a get out clause for euthanising more cats and kittens.

      Any genuine cat lover would feel sorry for those kittens, because they would recognise that’s fear they’re exhibiting, not aggression.

      When I went on holiday for a week I put my Sophie in a boarding cattery. When I went to collect her and enquired how she’d been, I was very angry and unhappy to be told “she behaved like a feral cat”. Apparently she’d spent the first few days trying to claw her way out of the pen and the rest of the week hiding from the staff. Sophie was clearly very stressed by the experience and I was annoyed that the owner simply didn’t understand that, and I said as much to the owner. She can’t be very familiar with cats if she didn’t realise that they all have their own personalities and some of them don’t obligingly sit there like a stuffed toy.

      • I think it would have been more accurate if the boarding cattery owner had said, “your cat behaved like a domestic cat who very much wanted to be at home in her own territory”. The behaviour was normal amongst a whole range of possible behaviours. Boarding catteries can be stressful for cats.

        • True Michael. It was the first and last time I’ll ever put her in a cattery. I’ll go back to using a pet-sitter in future.

          Sophie appears to become very distressed whenever confined. After an overnight stay at the emergency vet I was told by the vet’s receptionist that she’d “made a nuisance of herself, thrashing around in the cage all night.” I was fuming, but at 7am in the morning having worried all night about Sophie, I was not in the mood for a fight. I was just relieved to have Sophie back and that the suspected poisoning was a false alarm. I did tell my regular vet about it and he wasn’t very impressed either.

          It worries me greatly to think that people working with cats understand so little of their behaviours and emotions. No wonder cats can’t shake off the negative stereotypes.

          • I’m fortunate to have a vet who will send the cats home after a procedure. I have 2 large cages so they don’t hurt themselves after waking up. Vets here are gone from 5pm until 8am so the cats are really safer at home.

      • My feral Renny escaped in the shelter for 2 days. He’s still timid and you can’t look at him the wrong way but he’s a very loving bed buddy. Got him when he was 6 weeks old or so and he’s 3 now.

        • Renny sounds lovely. Sophie isn’t much of a cuddler, but she does like to stay close by.

          She was rescued as a 6-8 week old street kitten in Cyprus. No mother cat or other kittens around so I really don’t know where she suddenly appeared from. She wasn’t feral, but she’s always been very easily spooked by the slightest thing and quick to lash out in response. I love her all the same though.

  24. PS: Three years ago I found a kitten, took him to the vet and he tested positive for feline leukemia. Having other cat I called every cat rescue in Palm Beach County. Those who actually returned my call said they could not help. The referral to the non profit up state that says it does take positive cats said they had no room. The local non profit spay neuter clinic would not neuter a positive cat.

    The reality in Palm Beach County and all over the world is that there are too many cats and not enough homes.

    • So, a positive kitty….
      Deal with it.
      The worse scenario would be that your current cat is at a very small risk. Have we not learned anything from human HIV?
      Separate boxes, yes. Separate feeders and closeness aren’t necessary.
      Where is the kitten now? Dead? Did you have him killed?
      Do you think you are alone?

  25. The commissioners had to approve use of that 250,000 surplus money. I have no personal connection with the county shelter but the budget is controlled by the county commission and they need to be lobbied to fund more. What does the ACC Director have to gain from making a public presentation if her goals are not to try to improve conditions?

    Suggestion to the person who posted information here. Have you presented your information to the Palm Beach Post or the Sun Sentinel? Either seeking out a reporter or by writing a letter to the editor? perhaps that would help publicize these things and get more of the public involved in wanting to end this tragedy.
    I’m sure the press would want to write an update on what happened to the cats seized by the alleged pedophile.
    I do have a question about local rescues who fly in dogs from other states when dogs are being killed locally at the county shelter.

    I also suggest you do some research and write about veterinary opposition to government funding of free and local cost spay which has prevented progress in reducing pet overpopulation for decades now. It’s going on in Alabama now and it happened in Miami after voters voted themselves a higher property tax to fund programs.

    • “I have no personal connection with the county shelter”

      Why? Please explain.
      In my mind, any taxpayor has a solid connection when their tax monies support that county shelter.

      “Suggestion to the person who posted information here. Have you presented your information to the Palm Beach Post or the Sun Sentinel?”

      Have you? Please submit any article you have written.

      This is very important to me. I’m very passionate about kill shelters. We are Americans and have the right to voice our opinions without fear of retribution…ever.

      I try to earn my right to complain because of my actions and birdseye view of what’s going on.

      Please tell me about your presence at meetings, postings, etc. I know that it is beneficial to sit behind a computer and try to make a difference. But, in person, presence is impressive.

      • This is my last comment on this blog b/c it’s not productive. when i said personal connection, I meant I don’t volunteer there and I don’t work with any rescue groups who work with them or against them. My issue is to get government funding for free spay neuter to prevent the birth, thus preventing the deaths b/c I learned from my own personal rescue work that there is a never ending supply. Goodbye.

        • Sorry if you felt offended.
          So, your cause is to get free spay/neuter services.
          Please explain how you are proceeding.

          • Yes, please explain how you are proceeding. Access to free spay/neuter services is a large part of the equation. It is not the complete answer though as a large percentage of the cats killed at the shelter are already spayed/neutered and I have even seen a large number of ear tipped cats who are brought in and killed.

            Most of the hoarder case cats were already spayed/neutered even though the shelter said they weren’t. When they went to spay Hope and Lexi, they were already spayed. When they went to spay my adopted cat Butter, who was a 3 year old owner surrender, she was already spayed.

            My point with this is that they don’t care if they are spayed/neutered or not, they will still catch and kill them. We can spend a billion dollars on spay/neuter and they will trap as many of them as they can after they have been TNR’d and keep killing them.

            We need leadership that is compassionate, creative, open minded and is not only willing, but wanting to save lives. There was an offer to do a free spay/neuter marathon at PBCACC by a non-profit this year. They wanted to offer it to everyone regardless of zip code, owned cat, community cat etc. but the director did not want to.

            She wanted it to be only for “ferals” so the non-profit walked away not wanting her to tell them how they should be spending their own money or what restrictions she could put on them.

            So where do people who live on minimum wage, are struggling financially or have come upon hard times go? Or rescuers who work independently and rehome themselves and don’t want them ear tipped? I was told by PBCACC that local veterinarians do not want these services offered to the general public, they are not even happy about people finding out that they can go to PBCACC not just for a rabies shot and tag but also for boosters.

            Therefore, the shelter can’t advertise these services that would not only help families care for their animals, but also keep their animals. In addition it is keeping out local citizens from coming to the shelter, who might then decide to volunteer, foster or adopt.

            • Excellent comment. I can only look at it “in the round” and from an outsider’s perspective the key to saving lives is a commitment to save lives. People are not committed to it. Some people in the business of cat rescue don’t even want to save lives. The lives of rescue cats are of little value in the eyes of the public. Their value would rise if there were less cats.

            • From what little detail I could find about the Countdown 2 Zero, the 1/4 million dollars was specifically allotted for reducing the euthanasia rate for adoptable pets. For Diane to have turned down the spay/neuter marathon offer you described (saying it’s for ferals), in no way complies with what the money is intended for.
              Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see that money go to ferals but that’s not what it is for.

              PBC has a TNVR program in place and on the books. For registered colony cats to be trapped and killed is in conflict with every principle there is for managed ferals. Why don’t they know that?

              Based on all I’ve read now, my opinion is that Diane lacks the knowledge and leadership skills to manage any animal program and funds in PBC.

    • Send this article to Palm Beach area news media. I send stories I’ve written about SC animals to my local Fox Carolina News Facebook page all the time. I’ve even earned the private phone number of one of their lead reporters. This article is all true. I have the emails to back it up.

  26. Take a look at the kitten named Grace. The shelter said she wouldn’t respond to antibiotics. Well guess what? She responded to antibiotics and is well now.

    Dogs are also given a name when promoting them. Many of the cats are just given a number. Makes me wonder how many are really being killed since so many don’t get a spot they’re available via their Facebook page.

    • Your article paints a disappointing picture of cat rescue in this county. There seems to be a lack of genuine commitment to save lives.

      At the end of the day it is about attitude more than money and attitudes cannot be changed over night even when money is available.

      • It takes time to line up a rescue. I watch the shelter threads go back and forth finding out who has room for a new foster kitty. Shelters don’t recognize this and will often kill even where there are empty cages. Normal time seems to be around 3-5 days at the shelter I keep up with. Palm Beach seems to come up with more excuses to kill and kill asap. I have found a lot of the shelters don’t name the cats. Maybe its less guilt to kill AD10987 than to kill Miss Fluffy Pants.

    • In most AC shelters cats take a back seat, not that all dogs are treated fairly either! Those poor cats lived through the hell with that pervert Douglas Westscott only to be betrayed again! AC NEEDS TO LEARN ABOUT DOING THE RIGHT THING! Rules can be changed and when you have a public watching you may not be giving those directives much longer!

      • Absolutely Jan! They were betrayed again. I took videos of many of them and spent time visiting them. Despite what they had been through, they had been well fed, many were already spayed and neuter such as Hope and Lexi. They were ALL so sweet, loving and affectionate and had a strong desire to live and be a part of someone’s family. The lack of compassion at the shelter is disturbing.

      • “Public watching” isn’t good enough, Jan.
        Public outcry is more effective.
        Every cat lover in PB needs to attend the county commissioner meeting any time animals are on the agenda. They need to pay visits to their kill shelters routinely to, actually, see how their tax money is being used and what the conditions are so they are informed at the meetings.
        The answer is action, ie. posting dates, times, and topics of meetings on public bulletin boards, light poles, distributing the agenda in parking lots.
        Complaining from afar is useless.

        • Unfortunately I am in CONCORD NC dealing with the Cabarrus Shelter Cats dilemma. Where people think nothing of bringing them to the Cabarrus AC by the box full! But I watch other areas too!!!

            • Thank you for commenting on this subject and speaking up for the cats Jan. Any time I speak up or others we are attacked and told to “do more.” I appreciate people from other areas speaking up, because if not for people in other areas I would not have been able to rescue the hoarder case cats and some other cats that I have helped. When no one in Palm Beach County shares the cats, helps find them homes, pledges for their rescues or transportation, people out of the area are the ones I can count on. On the Urgent Cats Page out of area people who share the cats, tag, pledge etc. are also attacked to “do more” and that’s not right. Many people have simply unliked and walked away from the page because of this attitude.

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