PETA takes the piss out of Donald Trump Jnr.

Trump’s sons are reprobates as far as I am concerned for the sole reason they like to sport hunt. That’s all it takes for me to hate someone to the core. I detest them.

PETA take the piss out of Donald Trump Jnr.
PETA take the piss out of Donald Trump Jnr. Which one?
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PETA have taken the piss out of Donald Trump Jnr.; which one? – I am not sure, perhaps both. I like it a lot. It’s PETA’s Halloween costume suggestion.

Of course in defence Trump Jnr. cites PETA’s poor record of killing feral cats in the thousands as an act of mercy. It is not a good policy as it goes against the grain of PETA’s reason for existing: to save the lives of animals and to improve their welfare. I think PETA is ambivalent about this policy as in India don’t seem to be adhering to it.

PETA are seen as being hypocritical if they take the mickey out of Donald Trump Jnr. while doing something similar regarding feral cats. They are all lives of equal value in God’s world. However, I welcome PETA’s initiative in mocking Donals Trump’s sons.

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  1. Sport hunting is deplorable, UNLESS the meat is donated to the local people, which is usually the case in Africa. It is my understanding that the hunter doesn’t get to keep anything except the pictures. That way the hunters get their 2 minutes of fame with pictures and the local people get food.

    Please note, I do not condone this sort of thing, but at least the animal’s death was not in vane.

    • Well, I hate all forms of sport hunting whether it is for food or not. These are iconic, endangered animals. Humans have no right to kill them for the fun of it. If we need food we can grow it. Or slaughter livestock under regulations.

  2. PETA and Trump Jr are both the same,they both slaughter animals,I hate PETA with a black passion and lets not forget when 2 PETA staffers stole a Chihuahua named ‘Maya’ off her owners front porch as she was napping,click link below

    Now wot I was put through because of PETA…

    Are ye familiar with the ASPCA and PETA raid on the Caboodle Ranch in FL?
    I supported and still do of the owner ‘Craig Grant’ who had a Cat Ranch,he had 700 cats and a few haters back in 2013 called both those organizations and made false accusations against Craig and PETA sent a young girl to spy and take photos of only sick cats that were under the care of Craigs veterinarian of which one was his personal cat ‘Tommy’ and the girl was there under the guise of a student trying to garner credit for her classes and anyway after the haters started trolling Craigs Caboodle Ranch page I had just adopted a throw away kitty and she was really sick so I posted her photo showing her weight loss and one of the haters screenshot my comment and copied her image and sent it to PETA who then called my local police department and they showed up with the intent to take her along with my other cats until I showed them her vet record and after seeing my home and my other cats they knew then PETA duped them,one officer even said my home didn’t even smell like I had pets so they thanked me for being cooperative and said they are not pressing any charges against me and they wanted to file a charge against PETA for making a false statement but because PETA is in VA they couldn’t and that is why I hate them.

  3. I detest sport and trophy hunting in all forms. My feelings are so strong about this topic. I simply cannot fathom the level of cruelty, ignorance, and arrogance that these people possess. The Trump sons are right up there at number one.😠😶


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