Picture of Dwarf Red Panda Cat

This young cat looks like a red panda. This is also a dwarf cat in my opinion because the legs are short. The result of the highly unusual coat and shortened legs is a cat that looks quite like the cute red panda.

Dwarf Red Panda Kitten

Dwarf Red Panda Kitten. Picture on Twitter. Montage by PoC.


I am not sure what the genetics are but they probably include:

  • Dwarfism. This is the genetic mutation which produces the controversial dwarf cat breeds;
  • Piebald gene or white spotting gene which causes the white areas;
  • A gene which turns black fur to rusty red. It is as if the dark brown melanin (phaeomelanin) pigmentation has been partly removed leaving orange. The phaeomelanin, red pigmentation has completely replaced eumelanin, the black or brown pigment in these areas. I think that this is caused by the sex-linked orange gene. Also it is almost like Siamese cat pointing because the extremities of this cat are darker (almost black) than the other areas except the pointing has been interrupted by the piebald gene causing the white paws and chest. This cat may have the Siamese pointing gene too.

All in all it is quite a combination of genes to create this interesting looking cat. It is interesting too that I have a page on black fur turning rusty red and why it happens due to diet.


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