Picture of the worst cat eye infection that you will see

GRAPHIC IMAGE: This is the worst looking cat eye infection that you will see in my view. I was reluctant to publish it. However, it is so common to see stray cats with ghastly bacterial eye infections rendering the poor things blind. I think it is instructive to see how bad secondary eye infections can get in feral cats.


But if you click the links below you can see it:

Both photos are by the London Vet Clinic in Kentucky, USA.

Lana Smith on Facebook posted the images. She works in animal rescue at London, Kentucky. He’s a male kitten and he’s a gorgeous solid chocolate color as far as I can tell. This little fella was trapped by a disabled lady who had been trying to catch him for three weeks. What a great lady. I love this sort of person. The London Vet Clinic took him in and I believe that he has been operated on and the surgery was successful. If I get a picture post-op I’ll add it to the page.

The lady said that a couple of tom cats had been looking after the little fella for weeks. His demeanor indicates that he was not in pain but he must have felt some discomfort. It’s extraordinary. The sad part is that often a secondary bacterial infection, following an upper respiratory viral infection, affects both eyes which when left untreated can result in the loss of both eyes.

This why you have blind cat rescues in the West. As I recall one of these organizations imports blind street cats from the Mediterranean and Middle East to be re-homed in households in the West.

Lana says that if anyone can donate some funds for his care it would be most welcome – PayPal account: FR*********@GM***.COM

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4 thoughts on “Picture of the worst cat eye infection that you will see”

  1. I live on a ranch in CO, we have many kittens this year that look exactly like this. I can NOT find any help from any vet offices, teams, community or “caring” organizations. It’s so sad ~ we don’t have the money for their medical care. They are barn cats; very friendly. Some have been given away to people to care & make happy house cats. All most likely have FIP.

  2. When is was growing up we had many cats. I remember one whose infection was so bad that it forced the eye out of the socket and left it hanging on his face.

  3. This poor little guy. I am so glad that he has received help for this traumatic eye infection. Thank you to all who are caring for him. He is gorgeous.

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