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  2. My cat has ear mites, what’s the best store ose medicine for this? Also my other cat is pulling out his hair on his back, they both got outside a few times. Please help?! What store bought mends could help them before taking them to the vet??

    • There is a page on this website about natural cures for ear infections which you can read by clicking on the following link:


      One thing you should do by the way is be absolutely sure that your cat has ear mites. How are you sure about this? Because if you are incorrect then clearly you will be treating your cat incorrectly. The most frequent sign is intense itching, characterised by scratching and violent head shaking. You will see a dry crumbly dark brown waxy discharge when you look into the ears. The discharge looks like coffee grounds and may be foul-smelling. Constant scratching can cause raw areas with scabs and loss of hair around the ears. There may be a complicating bacterial infection.

      I think to be honest, that your veterinarian needs to identify that ear mites are present. He would do this by removing some earwax from a fold or crease with a cotton tip applicator and examining it under a magnifying glass against a black background. Mites are white specks about the size of the head of a pin that move.

      Ear mites can leave the ear canals and travel over the body. They are highly contagious amongst cats. If mites are discovered on one pet, all pets in the household should be treated.

      They are deeply distressing to a cat. The experts say that you should not begin treatment until your veterinarian has positively identified ear mites as the cause of the symptoms. After the ears are cleaned (I wouldn’t do this without advice from your veterinarian) you should medicate the ears using a medication chosen by your veterinarian that is effective against mites.

      Accordingly, I have to conclude that you will not be able to treat your cat’s ear mites (if he has them) without a trip to the veterinarian.

      As for your cat pulling out his hair, I am not completely sure what you mean by this. Are you saying that he is over grooming because that is what it sounds like. There are lots of reasons for over grooming. One of them is stress. If it is to rescue should look for the source of the stress and eliminated. It may be that his skin is itching and there are many causes of an itchy skin. You would have to go to a veterinarian to assess that.

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