Please help… is this a Maine Coon?

Please help… is this a Maine Coon?

by T.Gardner

Picture of The Maine Coon in Question!

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Picture of The Maine Coon in Question!

I lost my beautiful big boy, Ammo. He was the most wonderful cat in the world. I started looking into adopting another Maine Coon, because Ammo was so good for our family.

I found one that is suppose to be a pure Maine, but I am not sure if I believe it.

The lady said that the vet told her he was a pure Maine Coon, but he doesn't fit it. He has shorter hair and his head and ears are small.

He also doesn't have the big fluffy raccoon looking tail that I am used to from my Ammo.

The cat weighs at least 15lbs and seems to be a little on the chubby side... I am worried that he is not what I am thinking he is, but he sure has the personality of a Coon. Please help!


Hi... thanks for visiting and asking. The first thing to say is that there is a strong reason to argue that no cat can be said to be a purebred cat without a documented pedigree to prove it, which means a certified, written history. Without that it cannot be said that a cat is purebred as there is no DNA test for purebred cats as yet.

On the basis that your cat does not have a pedigree then he is not a Maine Coon cat.

Putting that aside for one moment, he does not look like a purebred Maine Coon. He looks a bit like a Maine Coon as you say but he also looks like a really nice mackerel tabby cat of random breeding (moggie) with medium long hair.

On pure appearance alone he could not be said to be a purebred Maine Coon. Although sometimes purebred cats are poorly bred in terms of appearance and do not fit the breed standard so appearance is not a cast iron way of deciding if a cat is a certain breed or not.

There are lots of Maine Coon mix cats around as you no doubt know. These are half Maine Coon cats. When you search on Petfinder you see them even though they are advertised as Maine Coons.

Conclusion: He is beautiful looking cat who looks a bit like a Maine Coon but is not unless you can prove it.

This page adds a bit more to what I have said: What breed is my cat?


Please help... is this a Maine Coon? to Maine Coon cats

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Please help... is this a Maine Coon?

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Feb 03, 2011 Anonymous
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Anonymous. No one here can comment on your cat without seeing a picture.

Most breeds come in orange colour - and so do mixed breeds of course, but if you submit your own page here on PoC with the story of your cat and one or more pictures, most likely it will be commented on - just like this page was. πŸ˜‰

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Feb 02, 2011 What kind of breed is my Cat?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have 4 months old kitten which is an orange tabby cat. I am not sure about its breed. Could you please let me know its breed if anyone can? Many Thanks

Jun 28, 2010 Congrats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi T. Gardner. I'm pleased to hear that you'll get Scooter anyway. He looks like a nice, big boy that won't mind getting spoiled a little. Good luck with him.
Btw. our adopted Snow White was also called Scooter at the shelter. We didn't understand why until we saw the chubby girl playing. Despite her size she is real fast when she cruises through the room. πŸ˜‰

Jun 27, 2010 Thanks!!
by: T. Gardner

Thank you to all of you for the comments that you posted. We have decided to get Scooter! Maine Coon or not, he is a great cat! The loss of our sweet Ammo was so hard, but now we will pick up the pieces and welcome our new lovey kitty with open arms! Thanks again!

Jun 26, 2010 Maine Coon characteristics?
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Carolyn. It is new to me that male Maine Coons should have smaller heads than and with all respect I have to say I doubt that.
As to the stripes, well, the tabby fur has nothing to do with what breed the cat is. Many other cats have it and some Maine Coons don't.
I agree that the cat in the picture appears to have long, strong legs with big, tufted paws. That is indeed a Maine Coon characteristic, but that alone does not prove that the cat is purebred.
Other factors not typical for the breed have already been mentioned, so all in all I would not buy him as a Maine Coon. At least not unless the person selling him has some pedigree papers to prove it.

But as I said, he is a great looking tabby in his own right and deserves the chance of becoming somebody's next great cat.



I am sorry for the loss of your cat,but regarding the cat in the photo,' Ammos'

Yes he is a Maine Coone. Hes very handsome too.
Male Maine Coones have smaller heads than the females. His legs are a sure give away.Along with the stripes. Your cat has all the traits.
I hope the two of you have a very happy long relationship.
Adult Maine Coones hate new enviroments but they are the most loyal of all breeds and to me the most intelligent and know when they have been rescued, for this they will closely bond with there new friend.
Male Maine Coones are more loving than the prissy females although the females are just as intelligent as the males my heart always goes to the male in this breed.
They are very different and great companions.
Good luck

Jun 20, 2010 Maine Coon cats
by: Maggie Sharp

He's certainly a big boy, isn't he? And sooo handsome!!!

He doesn't look like he's a Maine Coon to me, he looks more like a domestic long hair. But, as Tracey said, regardless of a cat's breed, a cat is a cat, and as long as you love your cat and your cat loves you why should papers matter?? (And that's coming from someone who owns a pedigree cat!)

If you want to get a Maine Coon, go for it! But other wise, don't worry about breeds... =)

Jun 19, 2010 He's lovely Maine Coon or not
by: Tracey (England)

Firstly I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Ammo.
Please don't get hung up on whether he's a Maine Coon or not so long as you love him and he loves you what else matters?

He looks very relaxed and happy in his photo and he probably has some Maine Coon in him as I notice he has those big kangaroo feet!

Please just enjoy and love him; he'll probably turn out as special as Ammo but just in a different way.

Jun 19, 2010 Maybe the next great cat of your life
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi T.Gardner. Most likely he has Maine Coon in him with the snow shoes and the fluffy tail, but how much is impossible to say. I can't see his face that well, but it looks like he has the square MC muzzle too?
Even pedigree cats sometimes do not live up to the show standards, but without papers and only having the words of the vet as related by somebody else, I would not go further than calling him a probable Maine Coon mix.

You will never find another cat exactly like Ammo, but you might find one that is wonderful in some other way that you have not even imagined. This boy (does he have a name btw.?) is a great looking tabby in his own right. Give him the chance he deserves and maybe he'll be the next great cat of your life... πŸ˜‰

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