Polish ‘Cat Nurse’ Purrs Sick Rescue Animals Back to Health

This is the story of a black kitten who was rescued by a Animal Rescue Center in Bydgoszcz, northern Poland. After his difficult journey to full recovery having been plagued with a severe upper respiratory infection he returned the favour by attending sick cats and dogs at the shelter. The staff named him Radamenes. He behaves like a nurse.

Radamenes caring for a sick dog
Radamenes caring for a sick dog
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We know the cat’s purr has healing properties. Radamenes seems to know it too! He befriends the animals and purrs, hugs and cleans the sickest of them to help them recover.


It is interesting to speculate what is going on. The question is whether Radamenes is genuinely and consciously trying to help animals recover from illness or whether he is a very friendly cat and within his new found home (the shelter) he is making friends with the other animals and enjoying their company thereby giving the impression he is a cat nurse.

Radamenes with sick tabby-and-white.

If I was being particularly cynical (would I ever!?) I’d say that there might have been a little bit of judicious placement of Radamenes in the photos by the the rescue center staff.

Radamenes with a shelter staffer

Radamenes reminds me of Oscar, a cat in America, who lies next to the residents of a care home for the elderly who are dying. Oscar seems to have an unerring ability to pick out the terminally ill and dying. Radamenes seems to prefer to befriend the most sick on the shelter.


3 thoughts on “Polish ‘Cat Nurse’ Purrs Sick Rescue Animals Back to Health”

  1. I love this cat so much* Isn’t it apparent to anyone that he is helping others because they saved him?
    Thank you Michael,for this heartwarming story.
    Eva > and
    have a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.

    • Yes, I do believe he is helping others because he is returning the favor. Happy Thanksgiving to you Eva. And your cats…and family…


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