Scarlet Blake sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for her torture and killing of a cat

News media reports that the judge at Scarlet Blake’s sentencing trial has imposed concurrent two and four-month sentences relating to the cat killing. She received a 24-year prison sentence for killing a man without parole. It’s not clear to me why the sentencing for the cat killing is in two parts. Perhaps it relates to the killing and to the torture. Yes, one part is probably for criminal damage and the second sentence is for cat cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act.

Update: Blake pleaded guilty to criminal damage and not cat cruelty. She must have been charged or criminal damage under The Criminal Damage Act 1971 as well as for animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The max. prison sentence for criminal damage is apparently 3 months in jail. As she pleaded guilty her sentence was reduced. The sentences run concurrent to her 24-year prison sentence for murder. So, in effect she was not punished for the crimes against the cat.

Scarlet Blake in prison
Scarlet Blake in prison. Image by MikeB based in police mugshot.
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She live streamed her killing of the cat. She strangled the cat, skinned it and dissected its body before putting the remains in a blender. I have read that she killed the cat by stabbing his or her heart. I’m not sure that’s correct but it’s has been reported.

News media reports that after she had killed the cat, she posed smiling with the animal’s severed head.

She claimed that the torture and killing of the cat was a ‘gift’ for her long-distance transgender lover in America, Ashlynn Bell, and that she derived no pleasure from it herself. She claims to self-identify as a cat and has a cat microchip in her chest.

In fact, I read that she did it to please Bell and I have alleged that Ashlynn Bell should be investigated for aiding and abetting Scarlet Blake’s crimes.

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Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, in the UK, the maximum penalty for animal cruelty cases i.e. causing unnecessary suffering was raised from six months to 5 years and/or an unlimited fine, in 2021. To me, it seems the judge has under-sentenced this woman for her gross animal cruelty.

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