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Serengeti Cat — 7 Comments

  1. Adopted my Ethan from a shelter but he kinda resembles a serengeti/bengal/Egyptian Mau. He is long, lean, jumps really high, VERY VERY ACTIVE, striped & spotted, hind legs like SPRINGS ( I call him spings as a nickname lol ) loves water, bathtub & sinks lol, has large ears lol, a skinny long tail, he sits up with poise, is very peculiar & different from any other cat ive ever seen or owned!! If you plan on getting one of these do your homework first! They are not the average cat! Hello everyone from Ethan & I! 🙂

    • He sounds awesome and he looks awesome and he has all the signs of being a wild cat hybrid but he may just be an exceptionally athletic tabby cat. He is very handsome. Thanks for commenting Jessica.

  2. I have two cats which have bengal mothers and havana father, one is brown spot and one is silver marble. Are they serengeti cats or just crossbreeds?

  3. I saw pictures of an otherwise ordinary orange cat, with unusual feet. The fur around the pad had very disctinct little spots of dark brown or orangish brown. I thought maybe somewhere in his family tree there might be some kind of spotted cat. Do you know of one whose spots continue to the toe fur?

    • I think you will find that any individual spotted tabby cat has the potential for having spots on the toe fur. It might be unusual but will depend on the individual cat.

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