Siamese cat breeders in Alabama and Florida

Looking for Siamese cat breeders in Alabama? I first wrote this page in 2011 and I struggled somewhat then to find Siamese cat breeders in Alabama or neighbouring Florida. Some of those breeders have shut down over the intervening 11 years and therefore I have revisited this page and updated it. I can confirm that it is difficult to find Siamese or Oriental SH cat breeders in Alabama and neighbouring Florida when using the Internet. The cat associations are not that helpful and I’m referring to the big ones; the CFA and TICA. However, you will find in my listing three working Siamese cat breeders at the end of this page. I think that’s quite good considering the obstacles that I faced ?. I had to extend the search from Alabama into Florida because there were so few listed on the internet in Alabama!

Modern Siamese

Katherine Middleton’s Roja. Photo: Helmi Flick.

As mentioned in the intro, I widened the net and searched in Florida as well (mainly) as there are few Siamese catteries in Alabama and lots in Florida! There is a list towards the end of the article. Note: the CFA as at 2022 only have 6 listings for the USA and none for Alabama or Florida! TICA have a single cattery listed! But they are paid listings. The point is that the cat associations are unhelpful. And internet searches are not very effective. Business directories online aren’t helpful either! Not good I am afraid.

People will choose the top search engine result provided it is not too far away. But do we know how good the breeder is? I don’t think that you can buy a purebred cat or adopt any cat without great care because it is a lifelong commitment for both. It seems that many cat breeders still struggle with their websites. If I was a cat breeder, I would use Google Blogger as the basis of my site. It is highly effective, easy to use, flexible and free. It saves all the problems with uploading to the internet as it is simplicity itself. I say this because I see lots of rather average websites when Blogger would have improved things.

Also, it seems a good number of breeders don’t have websites. I found it a bit of a struggle, surprisingly, finding Siamese cat breeders in Alabama on the internet (search carried out 2011 – this page has been updated since on May 13, 2022).

Probably the most important aspect of buying a kitten is that it is healthy and that there is underlying good health. In other words, it is not enough that this little kitten is apparently in good health when it is picked up or inspected.

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There is a potential problem with breeding purebred animals, which is inbreeding depression. This is depressed health due to a weakened constitution brought about by too much inbreeding to get a “look” that is perfectly of the type desired.

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The good breeders take steps to avoid this. How do we know where the good breeders are? The only sure way is on-site inspection and discussion with the breeder – commonsense really. However, that is time consuming. One thing that might do a bit of filtering is a page like this, which tries to get some feedback from customers about Siamese cat breeders in Alabama.

The idea is this. I select from the internet (using – the US version of Google) the best (apparently) Siamese cat breeders in Alabama using my internet skills! Then people refine that search by using the poll below, which lists all the breeders that I found. The list has to be limited for practical reasons but it is a good start. So here goes. Update: the feedback form below has been used over the intervening 11 years but not much! ?. And some of the feedback concerns closed breeders.

Ah…..wait. A complication is that there are three types of Siamese cat. Yes, sounds weird but true. Actually, there is an endless spectrum of types of Siamese cat from the original looking Siamese (called the traditional or old style) through the classic look (called the Thai cat  – Thai cat breeders say that their cats are the original looking Siamese cat – I disagree) and then to the modern Siamese cat that I dislike but a good percentage of people like the modern (most, 75% prefer the traditional Siamese, by the way).

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I decided to simply find the best Siamese cat websites and list the type of cat that is breed after the name of the business. Well, there are few Siamese cat breeders in Alabama as far as I can see. Even directories did not carry listings., a well-known breeder listing site had no Siamese cat breeders in Alabama listed! Note please: As a result I have included catteries that are in neighbouring states of Tennessee and Florida. Going east and west there are fewer catteries it seems (i.e. to Georgia and Mississippi.

pointed siamese


Here is the list (all the links open in new windows please note): Sadly, on an update May 2022, many of them have ceased trading but there are some which have been running for a dozen years and they are listed below.

Our Siamese Beauties – Site down Sept 2018. Traditional looking Siamese cats. Sorry, but the website is not that impressive but it came out top in a search and it is free standing meaning it was not found as part of a directory indicating a long standing site.  They are a hobby cattery breeding for the public and located in Columbiana.


M&M Cattery Gadsden, AL. They have a Facebook page. Click here to see it. Phone – 256-438-1572. I thought Facebook banned the sale of animals on their site?


Bama Blues Siamese – This cattery is located in Tuscaloosa. They breed Modern Siamese cats (Cat Fanciers Association looking cats). I found them through a directory. Update: May 13th 2022. They have no internet presence. Not sure if they are still running.


Evinea Cattery – I have not linked this site because although it ranks high in a Google search I don’t know where they are and their site doesn’t tell me and if it does I can’t see it. They might not be in Alabama, therefore! They breed Thai cats (classic style Siamese cats, which for me is in between the traditional and modern). Update: Can’t find them on the internet. No presence. Sorry. I am struggling.


Tyjunsee Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthair – Breed Modern Siamese – Small family owned and run cattery. Located in Tennessee but not too far over the border in Nashville. Well established with  “Area Regional Winner lines”. As at May 2022, this cattery is still running. Well-done. They’ve been around for a long time which must be a recommendation.


Oshcats – located in Belleview, Florida. This is not too far into Florida so workable for people travelling from Alabama I would have thought. A long journey is no big deal when adopting a lifelong companion. They seem to breed Oriental Shorthair cat but the Modern Siamese is a very close relative. Update: May 2022: their website is down. Sorry. This indicates that they have ceased trading.


Shimasa Siamese – Nice website, classy looking cats. “Grand Champion lines. Breed Winner lines”. These Modern Siamese cats look like champions. Located in Florida again but not too far into Florida from Alabama. Located in Geneva, Florida. This site is archived and therefore the cattery has ceased trading in my view.


Oshvox – Siamese and Oriental Shorthair cat breeder. Located in Ormond Beach, Florida, which on my reckoning is not too far into Florida when travelling from Alabama. Update May 2022: they are still running. Well-done. They also breed Oriental SH cats which is quite normal for Siamese cat breeders as they are part of the same family of cats.


SiamBaliRags – Site down Sept 2018. This is a traditional Siamese cat cattery in south Florida. Yes, I know there is travelling to do from Alabama but the traditional Siamese is under represented in the USA because the CFA only promotes the modern Siamese look. This cattery also breed Ragdoll cats, Tonkinese, Birman and Balinese (long haired traditional Siamese). Their website says located in South Florida – (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach Airports). I don’t know if this means they have three locations or can meet at two other locations.

Siamese cat breeders in Alabama and environs. Here is a link to a map of the locations. Yes, they look like miles apart! But sacrifice is needed when searching for that cat companion who will change your life. The breeders mentioned here are free to add to the details about their catteries that are embedded in the flags. Go to the original Google My Maps map (here) and simply click on the “Edit” button on the webpage (to the left of the map), click on the flag and edit it. You can add links and videos too.

Siamese cat breeders in Alabama — Below is a form where visitors can vote for one or all of the selected catteries. This should add an edge to the page and it may assist in making the correct choice:

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  1. April Janet Butler says:

    How do I get in touch with Our Siamese Beauties to see if they have kittens available?

    • Michael says:

      Hi, I have just checked the page you visited and the Siamese breeder “Our Siamese Beauties” has stopped trading. I can tell because their website has closed and in its place there is a generic type website with links. This is what happens on the internet. I would try and find a different breeder. Things change quite fast in the cat breeding world. Breeders have short lives. Good luck and a Happy Christmas.

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