Two Alabama cat ladies sue the police and the mayor for compensation over their unlawful arrest doing TNR

Beverly Roberts shortly before her arrest. The police officer in the picture is one of those being sued for compensation. I bet he did not foresee that development. Good for Roberts. The power of women particularly elderly women. This is a body cam image from another police officer who was there.

Back in the middle of November 2022 I wrote about the shocking news of two elderly ladies arrested for carrying out TNR on public land (link to that article). They were doing the community a service. But two police officers wearing body cams handcuffed and arrested them and took them to the police station …

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Are caracals legal in Alabama?

Can you own a caracal in Alabama

Of all the smaller wild cats the caracal is generally more predisposed to accepting the role of human pet! So, can a citizen of Alabama own/possess the medium-sized wild cat called the caracal as an exotic pet? Although Alabama prohibits the personal possession of many exotic animals it does not prohibit the ownership of …

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Siamese cat breeders in Alabama and Florida

Chocolate point modern Siamese with unusual markings and a snow white coat

Looking for Siamese cat breeders in Alabama? I first wrote this page in 2011 and I struggled somewhat then to find Siamese cat breeders in Alabama or neighbouring Florida. Some of those breeders have shut down over the intervening 11 years and therefore I have revisited this page and updated it. I can confirm …

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Same US state has lowest Covid vaccination, poorest animal protection, poorest education, most religion

Alabama in the bottom tier of animal protection laws

Alabama is perhaps one of three US states in the category of the poorest in terms of Covid vaccination rates, quality of education, animal protection laws and general quality of living (plus most religious). Louisiana has a very similar poor ranking in these categories. Arguably, the veterinarian above would not have been so mindlessly …

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Birdfeeder placement to help avoid attack by cats

Bobcat attacks and kills wild turkey feeding at feeder

I can think of two instances (but there are many more) of exposing, through good intentions, birds to predation by cats which, to me, highlights the need to be at least aware of the potential dangers. Although I’m a cat lover I am also an animal lover and I don’t like to see animals …

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