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  2. I also would like to add – sorry I missed this info above, just so excited when writing the post. My Girlfriend bought 2 pure breed Siberian Females as her husband and daughter have horrendous allergies, like myself. After the initial few weeks of discomfort,as I felt, but it wasn’t bad, they are 100% fine. I have heard that the Females are even better than the Males for allergies. I want to add that MAVERICK (so far) Does not seem to shed!?!?! No fur or hairs are on anything! I do brush him a few times a week, but not much comes out on the brush either. How Purfect can this cat be? Some breeders will send out fur samples. The breeder I went to did not allow me to rub with more than one cat for health reasons.She did give me a 2 week window for a refund if my allergies were bad . If you have allergies at least go and visit a Siberian, rub your face on him or her. I fully believe that you can have this breed of cat!!!! 🙂

  3. MAVERICK is only 6 1/2 months old. He is incredible and worth every penny we paid! He is black and silver with incredible markings.I could no longer have a cat due to my increasing allergies but with MAVERICK I can rub my face in his fur, kiss him, my lips dont swell, my eyes don’t itch I don’t sneeze or need to run for my inhalers. He goes toward LOUD things such as 10 and 11 year old boys playing in the basement. He greets each new person or animal into our home. He is fearless. He popped a balloon and simply sat there looking at the space. Kids play the drums, he runs to hang out with them, whereas most cats would hide. He EATS like he has never seen food before. He owns every counter top and pillow and couch in the house. He is always with us sometimes on our lap sometimes attacking our feet. He loves to lay high up on his scratching post. He has a deep triple kind of purr. We bring him in the car and he loves it. I plan on getting a harness and maybe taking him hiking with us. He is an indoor cat as it is safer for him and all the wildlife. I can’t wait to see what he grows into. This is indeed a dog cat. With a massive personality which seems very true to his breed. We will most likely get another one!

  4. I am blessed to have adopted a rescue kitten who appears to be Siberian. He is about 18 mos old now and looks identical to the red full-sized photo above. He was a tiny kitten when we got him and I assumed he was Maine Coon mix but as he grew he was totally different from the MC mix I have. It soon became evident he was a Siberian mix. I’m happy to report that, contrary to most descriptions I’ve read, he is quite a lovely lap cats. He spends a lot of time outdoors and is an avid hunter (gifts include mice, moles, bats and snakes:) But when he is indoors he like nothing better than to cuddle up in my lap and take a nap. He’s a totally charmer! So thrill to have him! Thought I might add a Norwegian to my collection but two boys are so well bonded I decided to heed the old saying “Two company. Three’s a crowd”:)

    • Hi Diane. He looks superb. He certainly has the Siberian or Norwegian Forest cat appearance. He looks more Siberian – quite a cobby conformation. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My Siberian is full of energy. She would play all day if you had the time and energy to play with her that much. I should have gotten two of them.

    She’s very attached to me. She follows me everywhere, including even into the bathroom. She’s not a lap cat, but she likes to be near me. She also likes the other members of my family, but I’m definitely Mommy to her.

    My mother, my sister and my brother-in-law are all very allergic to cats. With my last cat, a stray born under a friend’s house, my brother-in-law couldn’t come over here without having an asthma attack.

    With my Siberian, he and my sister can spend all day here, with no problems at all. I live with my parents and my mother doesn’t react to her either. It has been well-worth getting a Siberian.

    For people who love cats, but are allergic to them, I’d suggest finding a Siberian breeder and asking them if you can go to hang out with the cats and see how you do. You might just find that you’ve found your cat.

    They’re expensive, but for me, it meant the difference between being able to have a cat and not having one, which was not an option for my emotional well-being. Fellow cat lovers will know what I mean.

    • Thanks a lot Leslie for telling us about the hypoallergenic qualities of your Siberian cat. I was sceptical about this. In fact I did not really believe it but your comment has changed my opinion a little. Thanks Leslie.

  6. my boy Rula who I call my runaway Siberian cat has become more friendly with friends and family now after taking him in august 2011 took some time but we got there. He has such a sweet nature and very gentle. I am so glad I have him in my life now !!

  7. I can vouch for a lot of info here. My female differs in that she is dainty rather than powerful. But she does come to tell me with a ‘ something’s wrong!’ Face when the window cleaners come, and once she burst through the cat flap with the same expression and when I looked out the window there was some young teenage lads in the back garden. Amazing to see in a cat an quite heart warming really that she comes to tell you! When she was younger she did play fetch but now we play a kind of mouse tennis on the stairs. The cat I had before I was allergic to, she was a moggie with strong British shorthair traits, I had to wash my hands after touching her but with Muffin ( had her 8 years now) I can kiss her and my lips don’t burn and swell, I can rub my eyes and they don’t itch… Well unless it is prolonged. I wouldn’t say in my experience they are 100% allergy free but it has made a huge difference to me. She is my best friend, an occasional lap cat, loves to be where the people are, greets people but then disappears. She’s not fond of being picked up for long. She can bite but only bites very very gently and normally licks you immediately after but it makes her feelings known. She lives to sleep on the bed. Not a fan of kids, maybe the males would be more placid? And the only negative is the hair she leaves everywhere! She hates being brushed so it’s a bit of a losing battle. She is independant and does not live with other cats very well, she liked it best just her. She is very bold with dogs on her territory and will march straight up to them leaving the dog very wary! It’s amazing to see. She has lived with a dog but really does prefer it on her own. This is obviously going to vary from car to cat but this is just to support some of the description of this breed above.x

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  10. I have owned a full blooded Siberian for the past 7 years. Having had cats most of my life, I must say my Siberian is truly unique in personality and disposition. He is especially social and gregarious with anyone who comes into his environment. Very dog-like and companionable, he is a joy to be with.

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