Picture of a veterinarian showing off an exceedingly rare male calico cat’s private parts

1 in 3000 rare male calico cat in the hands of an Asian vet

This is the tweet (plus my comment) accompanying a photo of a Philippine veterinarian proudly showing off a male calico cat’s private parts. Not so private. A bit undignified but I guess he felt it necessary to prove that he had come across a rare male calico cat. They are as rare as tortoiseshell …

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Are brown cats rare?

Chocolate coloured cat

To answer the question, I believe that it is sensible to divide the domestic cat world into two categories: purebred and non-purebred cats (moggies). That’s because there is a distinct difference when answering the question between these two categories. Purebred cats Thanks to selective breeding i.e. artificial selection within the cat fancy, the normally …

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Video of albino jaguarundi rescued in Colombia where it will live in a sanctuary

Albino jaguarundi cub in Colombia

Sometimes, the people of Colombia visit PoC for which I’m grateful. As I say, the people living in 86% of the world’s countries visit PoC to varying degrees at varying times, which is why I decided to see if I can find anything about domestic cats in Colombia. I was entirely unsuccessful! Obviously, there …

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This cat was both spayed and neutered

Can cats be hermaphrodite? Yes, there is one for adoption at Caldwell! At March 16th 2021 a hermaphrodite cat whose name is Jessie is up for adoption from the West Valley Humane Society in Caldwell. So domestic cats can be hermaphrodite because they are born with male and female reproductive organs. They are very …

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