Kinkalow dwarf cat – full details

Munchkinlanes Kinkalow Louie

Introduction The Kinkalow dwarf cat is a deliberate out-cross (a hybrid) between the founding dwarf cat the Munchkin and an American Curl. An “out-crossing” is a form of breeding when unrelated cats parent the chosen offspring. This is in contrast to “line breeding” when cats that are related are bred. Origin The breed was …

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Kinkalow cat Munchkin_Minnie

Miss Munchkin_Minnie

It is unusual to find a Kinkalow pet cat alive and well in America as they are rare and it may be unique to find a video of one. This is video of a Kinkalow with a grey-and-white tuxedo type coat. Her name is Munchkin_Minnie. She’s not a Munchkin however in the cat breed …

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by Owner & Breeder of Genetta cats (USA) From what I can tell, these comments about dwarf breeds (on this site) come from those that are upset that the dwarf breeds are creating more competition for other breeders. Munchkins, Genettas, and many others live lives just as cats with long legs do. Yes, there …

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