When does celebrating the cat become exploitation?

When does celebrating the cat become cat exploitation? It is a difficult subject and believe me I like fun and larking around. The answer is in (a) the purpose behind the person’s creation – is the real purpose financial gain or personal recognition for the person? And (b) what the cat does – is …

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Audio: Listen to me explain the medical reasons for Grumpy Cat’s face

Please click on the audio player immediately below (click the little triangle at the left of the bar below these words) and listen to my explanation for why Grumpy Cat – aka Tardar Sauce – has the facial expression that she has. This is an alternative file type if the player fails: If the …

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Grumpy Cat Gets A Movie Deal

By Elisa Black-Taylor Grumpy Cat has now been signed to star in her own movie. She is a household name around the world, with more than 930,000 likes on her Facebook page. She’s had television appearances on Today, Good Morning America, CBS Evening News and Anderson Cooper Live. Her next big deal may be …

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