How long can lions go without water?

Lion pride

Lions normally drink water every day if it is available. When researchers have observed prides of lions in the Serengeti and the nearby Ngorongoro Crater they drank after every meal. Although lions can manage without drinking water when it is scarce. Lions live in a semi-desert habitat and even in desert. Under these circumstances …

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Do lions eat giraffes?

Lionesses attacking a giraffe

The question in the title is pretty well redundant today because you will see many videos on YouTube and on other video websites showing lions successfully attacking and killing both adult and sub-adults giraffes. It said that the main predator of giraffes is the lion and that more than half of giraffe calves fail …

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Do lions eat fish?

Lion eating fish

Yes, lions will eat fish. Lions have been recorded feeding on almost anything and everything, mostly land mammals but also some aquatic species including fish, crocodiles and seals. The authorities for the fact that lions occasionally eat fish are (1) C.A.W. Guggisberg – Simba: The life of the lion published in New York by …

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