Do I have a Russian Blue mix?

Russian Blue

It can be tricky to identify a Russian Blue by appearance alone. I would like to discuss the Russian blue mix. These are the offspring of a purebred Russian Blue and a domestic shorthaired cat. It should be the first filial or first-generation of a mating between a Russian blue purebred and a domestic …

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Origin of the Russian Blue cat breed is murky

Origin of the Russian Blue is murky

Introduction: I think that it is useful to take a realistic viewpoint about the origin of the cat breeds in general. For good reason, cat breeders like to create an interesting and definitive history of the breed but sometimes the reality is not quite so clear-cut and certain. This applies to the Russian Blue. …

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The International Cat Association (TICA) needs to ban Russian-bred cats from their European shows


My message to Vicky Fisher, the president The International Cat Association (TICA): I am surprised that we have not heard from you about banning Russian-bred cats from your cat shows in Europe or worldwide. You should ban them. It is something that TICA could do to make a statement against Russia. This would follow …

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