Expose fraudulent sellers of purebred kittens with reverse image search

Use reverse image search to expose scamming sellers of purebred kittens on the internet

There are scamming (fraudulent) cat breeders on social media and other internet websites. It is usually social media sites where people claim to be breeders selling purebred cats of various breeds at high prices. These scammers operate by taking money up front and not delivering the kitten. They disappear off the radar after they’ve …

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Do I have a Russian Blue mix?

Russian Blue

It can be tricky to identify a Russian Blue by appearance alone. I would like to discuss the Russian blue mix. These are the offspring of a purebred Russian Blue and a domestic shorthaired cat. It should be the first filial or first-generation of a mating between a Russian blue purebred and a domestic …

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Surge in pet advert scams online in the UK

Animal scams online

In the UK, fraudsters are advertising non-existing pets on social media for sale and this is just one tiny aspect of the burgeoning expansion of crime in the UK where the police are sitting on their hands doing nowhere near enough about it. For example, just 6% of burglaries are solved by police in …

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Infographic on 5 frauds to look out for in 2023

Five frauds to look out for 2023

The UK is full of scammers, fraudsters and thieves. They’ve tried to scam me on hundreds of occasions and succeed once, much to my shame as I am careful and switched on but even the most careful can be careless once. I got my money back ?✔️. In terms of scams and frauds what …

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Fraudsters scamming people who want to buy cats and dogs during coronavirus crisis lockdown

Selling dog by text with upfront payment

BEWARE OF CONMEN SELLING PETS. There is a lot of news of people who would not normally adopt a cat or dog deciding to take the plunge because they are confined during the coronavirus lockdowns which are typical of most countries. Scammers are taking advantage of this heightened desire to adopt a cat or …

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The Hairless Cat Scam

This is the hairless cat scam: take an ‘ordinary’ domesticated kitten with an full coat. Pluck and/or cut off all of the hair from the cat using a razor or Nair (a hair removal product manufactured by Church and Dwight for human use). When the kitten is hairless, advertise the cat online as a …

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Cat Breeder Scams


I am not implying that cat breeders are scammers. I am saying that there are fictional cat breeders out there who are scammers. The internet is a particularly suitable area of operation in which to scam people. I am referring to online businesses. It seems there are at least two types of scam. I …

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