Woke movement softens school rules on distracting students self-identifying as cats

Kids identifying as cats

Myrie on TikTok is a smart cookie. I have never seen her before but I was rummaging around the internet looking for a follow up on the current story of young female students self-identifying as cats. I want to know what’s behind it. Is this a genuine mental health problem or kids having some …

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How would you respond if your child wanted to identify as a cat?

Pupil identifying as a cat in the classroom causing great difficulties for the teacher and disrupting education

There is a bit of a crisis in UK’s secondary schools over some students wishing to self-identify as cats or other animals. It happened in the United States a while ago and in Australia. There was a furore over it with claim and counterclaim. In the UK the school in question, Rye Collage, has …

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UK students are allowed to identify as cats, horses and dinosaurs!

Meow - students identify as animals

NEWS AND VIEWS-UK: This is another episode in an ongoing trend concerning students – I believe to be relatively young students – who want to self-identify as animals and to want to be addressed as such to the point where one student at one secondary school in the UK answered questions in class by …

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