Woke movement softens school rules on distracting students self-identifying as cats

Kids identifying as cats

Myrie on TikTok is a smart cookie. I have never seen her before but I was rummaging around the internet looking for a follow up on the current story of young female students self-identifying as cats. I want to know what’s behind it. Is this a genuine mental health problem or kids having some …

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UK students are allowed to identify as cats, horses and dinosaurs!

Meow - students identify as animals

NEWS AND VIEWS-UK: This is another episode in an ongoing trend concerning students – I believe to be relatively young students – who want to self-identify as animals and to want to be addressed as such to the point where one student at one secondary school in the UK answered questions in class by …

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There is no such thing as a fat cat any more. Okay!?

Obese tabby cat

British citizens and citizens of other countries may have recognised the latest developments in the woke movement. It concerns sensitivity readers who edit out non-woke words from already published books and books to be published in partnership with the author. There has been a big discussion about it because it corrals the freedoms of …

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TikTok thinks that ‘Maine Coon’ may be associated with hateful behaviour

TikTok thinks 'Maine Coon' may be associated with hateful behavior

You can’t search for “Maine Coon” on TikTok because their internal search engine rejects the term as they think that it ‘may be associated with hateful behaviour’. It’s time to change the name of the Maine Coon 😢. It is out of step with the woke era. It is a valid point, actually. The …

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The woke movement and speciesism


The word “woke” is used quite a lot nowadays. It is not clear to some people what it means. Perhaps they aren’t interested in it (understandable). In normal usage, the word “woke” is used like this: “He woke up to the realisation that he was wrong”. It gives us a clue as to its …

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