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The Cats of 9/11 — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for bumping this article, and thank you to Elisa for writing it.

    I have often wondered how cats fared on and after that day. It is heartening that so many people offered their help.

    In the UK, there were no reports about companion species being killed, saved or how they fared afterwards. Not one mention of cats. Not one.

    The only mentions of other species were reports of the UK search & rescue organisations, sending search dogs and handlers to help scour the wreckage for human survivors.

    I remember one UK article, several years after, detailing how human rescuers were suffering from a high incidence of cancers & severe respiratory conditions. The article made one mention that several search dogs had also died from similar conditions.

    I saw the first BBC television news report of this unimaginable event, a few minutes after it happened. It took a me few minutes to work out just what had happened.

    My first thoughts after seeing reports of any disaster are aways, “what about the animals, what about the cats?”

    The media shepherd and forcibly order where our personal & natural concern should lie. All life matters, not only human life.

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