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The Homing Instinct of Cats — 4 Comments

  1. I think Dexter found a girlfriend or two in the vicinity. They can smell females in heat for quite a distance. I think he went to sow his oats, and will be home soon. You know, a young man’s fancy…..

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  3. My daughter’s cat, Dexter, has disapeared. He has been gone for two days now and she is very upset. He has not yet been neutered and is a year old. Is this normal. She says he has found a new family. Please help.

    • I know how upset your daughter will be and you as well. Cats do go walkabout sometimes. It depends on the cat in my experience. Some cats even revert to the wild by preference but this is rare because life is harder. I don’t agree that Dexter has necessarily found a new family. Someone may have fed him, perhaps not, but it takes time for a cat to settle into a new environment. The stray cats who have come to me have simply stayed for a few hours and moved on. I expect that might happen. I would also expect Dexter to be in the vicinity. I don’t think he has gone far. Domestic cat ‘home ranges’ are not that large so I would say about a maximum of half a mile in any direction would be the boundary of his range. Don’t hold me to that estimate though, please.

      I presume you have gone in search, knocked on some doors and put some posters up. There is not much more you can do. Sometimes animal control (USA phrase) pick up strays so you might ask.

      If Dexter has a really favorite food you might put some down in a place in your yard he used to frequent. He may notice it and be attracted to it. Of course in the USA (I presume you are in the USA) putting food down might attract wild animals etc. but it is a decent trade off.

      Best of luck
      Of course he might well just walk in the back door tomorrow.

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