The Kinked Tails of Siamese Cats

by Madeline Here
(Sunny Florida)

This picture was taken in Thailand which was once called Siam - the home of the native Siamese cat: source:

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This picture was taken in Thailand which was once called Siam - the home of the native Siamese cat: source:

While we are talking about original or "true" Siamese - I wanted to mention a cat that you have on your Manx page that you think maybe a Manx / flame point cross.

In the Siamese breed, to have a partial tail, kinked tail, bob tail or even like a Manx - no tail, is a "common error". However, in "nature" on the street in Thailand (which was old Siam) many cats have blue eyes, "points", and these differences in their tails.Basically - just as breeders have decided what is the "right" look for things like shape of head - they've decided that having a less than long thin straight tails is wrong.

However, tails that are not long, thing and straight are so common naturally amongst cats in Thailand that a lovely myth developed about how the King's favorite cat’s tail got kinked while saving his life and ever afterward the brave cat's offspring was marked with these "crooked" tails.

Here are two photos of cats taken from the streets of Thailand with their "special tails." The come from the Sarenstone Cattery breeders of the old style Siamese cat (Thai cats) - links open in a new tab or window.

View short tailed thai cats

And -- while some people think of Flame Points as a "newer" color - you can see from photos taken in Thailand that red is a color found in the gene pool as well as a wide variety of coats patterns and eye colors - yet they do somehow look "alike" and couldn't be mistaken for a "British shorthair" for example.


Hi Madeline.. thanks for this. I absolutely agree. As far as I can remember, the kinked tail of a Siamese cat was considered special as you say. It was something to be admired and was part of the breed but Siamese cat breeders from the 1950s onwards wanted to "refine" the breed. Look what they came up with!

Madeline, as you can see I have changed the title and one or two other things. I hope you find this acceptable. I have included a link to what I believe is your cattery's website as I have published the photos of the short tailed cats on this page rather than links.

See also Siamese Cat History.

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The Kinked Tails of Siamese Cats

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Sep 17, 2010
Kinked tail
by: Anonymous

I also have a thai siam with a shorter and kinked tail. To me I dont care, he is the best cat ever. Also the story on how kinked tails started can only make me smile.

Once upon a time (it starts, as all good legends do) in the ancient kingdom of Siam …
There was a Princess of the Royal Household who loved to swim.

Each day, she would make her way to her favorite bathing pool accompanied by her faithful Siamese companion. Each day, she would take off her rings, and, for safekeeping, place them over her cat's tail.

The cat would bend her tail to stop the rings from falling off, and gradually, over many years, her tail developed a permanent kink.

Sep 05, 2010
Kinked Tails Make Your Cat Special
by: MadelineHere

Hi there!
Actually, the reference I made to a cattery - are just to give them credit for the nice photos that I put in to illuminate my point.

My website is


Sep 05, 2010
Very Interesting News about Kinked tails
by: Anonymous

I have a cat with a kinked tail and remember reading when I was a kid that it was special - but this cat went to a pet shop (on the way to the ASPCA) because breeder wanted to "unload" him.

4 thoughts on “The Kinked Tails of Siamese Cats”

  1. My Siamese cat,Rocky is the typical Siamese with black snout. Thin face too. Black paws but a kinked gray tail. Rocky is my love bug. So sweet and very smart. He’s a doll!

    • The kicked tail is a true mark of the Siamese. They are smart too – perhaps the smartest cat breed other than the Sphynx. Thanks for sharing Mark.

  2. I haven’t found any helpful information regarding kinked tail and crossed eyes in the siamese breed. Although the fables and myths are entertaining and exciting to children. Some siamese owners might want a serious and scientific reason. Please help.


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