Picture of gargoyle modern Siamese cat

Modern Siamese cat

This is a picture of a modern Siamese cat. Some people don’t like me using the word “modern” in relation to this cat breed. For them, the elongated face of the Siamese cat combined with the super-slender figure is normal. This is what is expected of the Siamese cat. The world has come to …

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Siamese Cat Kinked Tail

At page 47 of Charles Darwin’s book, “The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication,” vol.1, he writes that throughout the area of the Malayan Archipelago, Siam (Thailand), Pequan (not sure where that is – it’s an outdated name) and ‘Burmah’ (Myanmar), “all the cats have truncated tails about half the proper length, often …

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Curly Ringtailed Kitten or Kinked Tail?

A visitor to PoC would like some input on whether his cat carries the American Ringtail genes or indeed whether his cat has a genuine ringtail. The tail is certainly curly or corkscrew. The cat’s name is Pippi and she was adopted with this curly tail. Thank you very much for visiting, asking and …

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The Kinked Tails of Siamese Cats

by Madeline Here (Sunny Florida) This picture was taken in Thailand which was once called Siam – the home of the native Siamese cat: source: http://home.earthlink.net/~sarsenstone/thailand.html While we are talking about original or “true” Siamese – I wanted to mention a cat that you have on your Manx page that you think maybe a …

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