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  1. Over the years I’ve done such a job vetting my vets that I’m at least sure they have my cats’ best interest in mind rather than being geared to maintaining as much revenue flowing as possible. Just the other day when my 14 year old was in for something else I mentioned I’d received an automatic email reminder to vaccinate him again, to which she said it would be better for him not to. The main reason is he’s indoor and the fact that my other cats are in/out didn’t factor much into it. She also knows me well enough that I’d mention if there were any risk factors like if they’re coming into contact with other cats, critters or vermin, which I’m fairly sure they aren’t. We’re all cognizant of the history of over-vaccinating and are trying to cool it. We’ve also seen too many cats killed in the name of caution looking for rabies when it’s never present.

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