Too many people are sceptical about the safety and efficacy of routine dog vaccines

There is a high level of scepticism about dog vaccines in America which is concerning and it arises out of the Covid-19 pandemic when there was a lot of misinformation promulgated on social media

It looks as if the rumour mill and conspiracy theories on social media which bombarded people during and after Covid-19 concerning vaccinations against the disease has affected people’s views of pet vaccinations. The experts say that the Covid-19 “infodemic” has undermined trust in vaccinations. This came about because there were hundreds of millions of …

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Mike Tyson on insights into living with tigers and mountain lions

Mike Tyson being interviewed on a podcast

In a videoed podcast, Mike Tyson – puffing away on a spliff and clearly high to a certain extent – discussed what it was like to live with three tigers and then a mountain lion. His interviewers were also on cannabis. He doesn’t like talking about himself because it makes him feel uneasy. And …

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Can Savannah cats be vaccinated like other domestic cats?

Can Savannah cats be vaccinated like other domestic cats

The answer to the question in the title is, YES. But the reason why I ask the question is because a lady on a page of mine about serval cats as pets said that “The Savannah, like servals, cannot be vaccinated for distemper, FeLV and other cat diseases which means they cannot safety be …

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Taking your Savannah cat (and any domestic cat) from the USA to the UK

Pet health certificate

I’ve been asked to look into how you can take your Savannah cat with you to the UK from the USA. This will apply to any domestic cat. The Savannah cat in question is an F3 but this is irrelevant in this instance. Note: In the UK, F2, F3 and F4 Savannah cats are …

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Relaxation of rules taking animals from Ukraine into adjacent and EU countries (March 2022)

PETA Germany at Ukraine Border Feb 2022

There is no need for refugees to abandon their companion animals when leaving Ukraine. We know that many Ukrainian women are fleeing with their companion animals and their children. They make their way to adjacent countries like Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. They struggle to get to these borders often carrying a cat or …

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Tragedy: 3 snow leopards die of Covid

3 snow leopards die of Covid at Lincoln Children's Zoo

NEWS AND COMMENT: Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska have announced on their Facebook page at November 12, 2021 that three snow leopards passed away due to complications of Covid-19. They name the leopards as: Ranney, Everest, and Makalu. In contrast, a couple of Sumatran tigers made full recoveries after contracting Covid. It makes you …

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Picture of post-op area at Edmonton Humane Society’s TNR clinic

This is an interesting photograph by Ed Kaiser, for me. It shows 16 cat carriers; large cat carriers that look like traps that are being used as cat carriers (is that a poor assessment?). The carriers are covered and inside it seems that there are 16 cats from a feral cat colony who have …

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What is the feline distemper vaccine called?

Combination core vaccine for cats

As I understand it, the feline distemper vaccine is normally part of a combination vaccine which is commonly given and which is called FVRCP. It is a core vaccine. Various pharmaceutical companies produce this vaccine. The photograph shows one. It is called Felocell CVR. There are various types of Felocell vaccine. Many feline vaccines …

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