Three Spanish Feral Cats

by Lynda Hudd
(Benalmadena Peublo, Spain)

Well look at me

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Well look at me

We rented an apartment in Benalmadena Pueblo, Spain. There are loads of feral cats around and we seem to have adopted 3 of these feral cats.

They came every day for food and eventually one started to come inside...and gradually let us pet him, while the other two sneaked in sometimes.

We moved round the corner and the cats came too. we have the original 3 plus at times one or two others although only the 3 attempt to come in.

Ee are nearing getting the second one to let us pet her, although she is very nervous. We put their food and water on the window sill and leave the window open and very often come in and find all 3 lazed out on the sofa!

They don't run away unless we get too close. Slowly they are becoming friendlier but very afraid.

We have named them and they seem to respond to their names. Puma is the friendliest, he will talk to you and let you pet him, we have yet to get him 'onto our lap' - maybe we will one day.


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Three Spanish Feral Cats

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Apr 20, 2011 My favorite cat!
by: Anonymous

I love cats! I have several! But my favorite cats - lions! It is a pity that you can not keep them as pets!) pc cleaner

Jul 10, 2010 Cats in Spain
by: Joanne Mid Cheshire Animal Welfare

Hi Lynda,
I have a Time Share Apartment in Calahonda on the Dona Lola Resort. I'm there in October most years. On the site there are quite a few feral and semi feral cats.
When I bought the apartment 12yrs ago I was really annoyed that all holiday makers were being told not to feed the cats - sorry but if I see a hungry animal no-one will stop me feeding it!
One day I was horrified to see one of the Security guards kick one of the cats! MY HACKLES WENT UP! I collared the Manager of the site into my apartment and just as he sat down one of the cats came from beside the sofa and walked out! (They are not supposed to be in the apartments!) anyway, I went to town on him as I had been told they put poison into fish to kill the cats which I said was disgraceful! He denied this (Of course!) I said as this complex was mainly British owned (And we are supposed to be an animal loving nation - some of us!) there were allot of people who are not happy being told not to feed the poor little things. Although I could understand why they did not want them in the apartments I did not think they had the right to tell us not to feed them! It was heart breaking to see little kittens with their mum desperately trying to find food for them. I then said they need neutering and brought back to their home. He agreed if I could put them in touch with someone who could do this they would agree to have them neutered. I also told him if you don't want people to feed them you need to set up several areas where people can go to see members of your staff feeding them.
I contacted the local Animal rescue and was kept informed by both the Animal welfare and the management as to how things were going. Most are now neutered, happy beautiful cats. Each year I go out I take wormers and flea treatment with me plus antibiotics in case!
Obviously a new face turns up now and then but they are neutered and ear nicked. Needless to say they don't bother to tell me not to feed!
So Lynda there are a few Animal Rescues around in Spain unfortunately I've lost the names and addresses that I had.
Best wishes

Jun 05, 2010 photos
by: lynda

yes we do have more, juast need to upload them onto laptop.

i do have a problem, i need to catch the female as she has a huge tick in the middle of her forehead, i know how to remove them but with her being wild, im sure both of us would get hurt.. and i would expect she has several on more on her (awww poor girl), the black (lula) one and puma appear to be ok

Jun 05, 2010 Lynda
by: Maggie Sharp

How wonderful! There are too many people who would just arrogantly shoo feral cats away, but you let them into your home with out a moment's hesitation! You're definitely developing yourself a feline family, and you're VERY lucky that they chose you! =)

Jun 05, 2010 Nice
by: Michael

Hi Lynda, it is nice to hear from Spain and even nicer to hear of your kindness towards feral cats. They need us and I think they reward us for our kindness. The numerous articles by visitors attest to that. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

Michael Avatar

Jun 05, 2010 To Lynda
by: Ruth

How kind you are to rescue those cats and they obviously appreciate it as they moved with you.
You are doing a wonderful job,it's not easy taming ferals but I'm sure with more time at least Puma will be sitting on your lap.
How I wish there were more people like you.
Have you any more photos to share ?

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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