Tigress kills dog in front of tourists in Ranthambhore tiger reserve, India

This dog is about to be killed by a tiger called Sultana in a tiger reserve in India in front of tourists.
This dog is about to be killed by a tigress called Sultana in a tiger reserve (Ranthambhore National Park) in India in front of tourists. Screenshot.
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This unfortunate dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a stray dog who was probably hanging around the tourists to try and get some scraps of food from them. As he walks along the line of Land Rovers a tigress whose name is ‘Sultana’ raced in between the vehicles and instantly captured the dog in a crushing and devastating rush. The dog had no chance whatsoever. The whole event played out in front of tourists. One news media site says that they were shocked. Why should they be shocked? They are on their tourist trip to see tigers and we know that tigers are devastating killers. What they saw was life played out in the world of tigers. It’s entirely natural although when you see that kind of killing first hand it is unsettling. It brings home to us the real world and not the plastic tourist world of tiger spotting.

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Apparently, tigers expose themselves to diseases such as canine distemper when they kill dogs. One person said that dogs have emerged as a big threat to wildlife in India. And they demand that their numbers are controlled. There are villages along the periphery of the Ranthambhore reserve (a very well-known and successful tiger reserve) where dogs can come from. Some think that leopards have developed an immunity to dogs because they feed on them more often.

The tigress Sultana (T-107) was born in 2016 according to the Ranthambhore Guides. She is described as a dominant tigress in several areas of this national park.

2 thoughts on “Tigress kills dog in front of tourists in Ranthambhore tiger reserve, India”

  1. How sad no one helped the poor dog before he became dinner. They knew it wasn’t the place for dogs to be, on a tiger reserve. Makes me wonder if they bring the dogs along for the tourists excitement. Lots of strays to feed the tigers. I’m sure it’s happened more than once.

    • Well, that is a good point. They could have ensured that there were no stray dogs following their caravan of vehicles through this tiger reserve. And yes, it makes you think that it might have been deliberate to add some excitement to the tourism.


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