Category: tiger behavior

Mother and tiger cub

When do tigers leave their mother?

When do tigers leave their mother? Tigers leave their mother conclusively between 17 and 24 months of age. Males leave earlier than females. By 15 months of age young male adult tigers often leave...

Tiger at kill site where young cubs are vulnerable to being killed by males

Do male tigers kill their own cubs?

The question is specific and precise. It asks whether male tigers kill their offspring. The word that describes this is ‘filicide’. It describes the behaviour of animals and humans when they kill their offspring....

How tigers eat their prey animals

How do tigers eat deer?

Tigers eat deer as they would any other large prey animal. They normally kill large prey animals with a throat bite which is maintained for several minutes or longer until the animal has suffocated...

Tiger brothers fight hard in Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan

Do tigers fight each other?

Yes, sometimes tigers do fight each other at times of flux and tension. The most sought-after resource for male tigers in the wild are females rather than food. Males compete for access to females....

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