Mike Tyson on insights into living with tigers and mountain lions

Mike Tyson being interviewed on a podcast

In a videoed podcast, Mike Tyson – puffing away on a spliff and clearly high to a certain extent – discussed what it was like to live with three tigers and then a mountain lion. His interviewers were also on cannabis. He doesn’t like talking about himself because it makes him feel uneasy. And …

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Legendary tiger strength on show as tiger pulls SUV backwards with its teeth clamped on bumper

Tiger pulls car (large SUV with tourists in it) backwards by its bumper

This video has gone viral, as expected. But it shouldn’t surprise people who know about the legendary strength of the tiger. There is something in the bumper of the SUV which attracted this precocious tiger who believed that it was an edible substance and so they clamped their teeth around it and then pulled …

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Tigress kills dog in front of tourists in Ranthambhore tiger reserve, India

This dog is about to be killed by a tiger called Sultana in a tiger reserve in India in front of tourists.

This unfortunate dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a stray dog who was probably hanging around the tourists to try and get some scraps of food from them. As he walks along the line of Land Rovers a tigress whose name is ‘Sultana’ raced in between the vehicles …

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When do tigers leave their mother?

Mother and tiger cub

When do tigers leave their mother? Tigers leave their mother conclusively between 17 and 24 months of age. Males leave earlier than females. By 15 months of age young male adult tigers often leave their mother for several days at a time. They test their independence. Females develop more slowly and stay with their …

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Do male tigers kill their own cubs?

Tiger at kill site where young cubs are vulnerable to being killed by males

The question is specific and precise. It asks whether male tigers kill their offspring. The word that describes this is ‘filicide’. It describes the behaviour of animals and humans when they kill their offspring. The umbrella word for adults killing infants is “infanticide”. But infanticide can apply to a parents of one family killing …

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