Muzzled XL bully unable to defend herself when attacked by a cat on a walk

Nova and Casey

You may know that in the UK, American XL bully ownership is subject to Draconian restrictions including wearing a muzzle when in public and on a lead. It is also illegal to breed, sell, advertise gift and exchange or abandon or let an XL bully dog. The law has been in force since December …

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Tigress kills dog in front of tourists in Ranthambhore tiger reserve, India

This dog is about to be killed by a tiger called Sultana in a tiger reserve in India in front of tourists.

This unfortunate dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a stray dog who was probably hanging around the tourists to try and get some scraps of food from them. As he walks along the line of Land Rovers a tigress whose name is ‘Sultana’ raced in between the vehicles …

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Leopard hunts and attacks pet dog inside home

Leopard attacks dog inside home

This is Mumbai, India where they have a compact nature reserve very near or inside the city. There are leopards inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I am guessing but it seems likely that the leopard in the video wandered out of the reserve into someone’s home looking for food. I seems remarkable and …

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Fearless domestic cat attacks Staffordshire bull terrier and owner (video)

Cat attack

The cat must have perceived a territorial threat and made a pre-emptive attack on both the dog and the owner simultaneously. The cat might have been a female defending kittens. It is extraordinary. The dog owner falls to the ground while the cat continues to attack them both. The cat’s guardian tries, throughout the …

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Judge Judy is wrong in the matter of a cat who scratches a dog’s eye

The video shows an extract of a judge Judy case. The sound is hard to hear. I have heard it several times and the scenario is as follows: The claimant was walking her dog on a lead in what she described as the front yard but I believe this to be a public …

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Resident cathedral cat hunts big game: dogs!

‘Louis’ is Wells Cathedral’s resident mouser and he is 17-years-of-age. There has been an allegation that he launches unprovoked attacks on dogs who are wandering politely by the cathedral. For heaven’s sake, this can’t be true can it? This is a moggie mystery saga because there are two other ginger cats in the area. …

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