What breed do you think I am?

What breed do you think I am?

by Mj

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This is Sinatra. He was tossed out of a car in front of my home. We live in the country and people think they have the right to drop cats here. They believe cats can fend for themselves. We all know better than that.

Sinatra has been a member of my family for a year now. I tried to find him a home but no one wanted him. So here he is. A loving loyal friend who counter surfs, eats out of the trash can when he gets the chance. Makes no difference that he has dry 24/7 and gets meat once a day.

He loves dogs, and has never been the slightest afraid of them. He was someone's house pet. I would just love to identify his breed. Thanks if anyone who might know.


Hi Mj... thanks for visiting and asking and thanks from all here for helping this handsome cat. When I first saw him I thought (and I could be well wrong) that he is a traditional seal (dark brown) lnyx point Siamese mix.

He is definitely pointed. And you can see the tabby pointing because he has the classic tabby "M" on his forehead.

His tail is banded indicating the presence of the agouti tabby genes.

Yes, I would say he is a seal lynx point Siamese cat (traditional meaning the old original Siamese cat rather than the slender "foreign" type modern Siamese - see cat body shapes). And he must be a non purebred as he has no papers to verify pedigree.

We at PoC thank you for rescuing him.

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What breed do you think I am?

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Aug 19, 2010
Definitely contains Siamese
by: Chris

Looks like a lynx point and/or snowshoe Siamese mix. Clearly not full-blooded Siamese, but contains the Siamese allele, which causes partial albinism. Noting the snow and obvious cold weather, I would say that if your cat lived in a warmer climate, the coat would be a good bit paler and the facial coloring would probably not extend across the entire face.

Feb 28, 2010
Lovely photo
by: Anonymous

I'm don't know what breed he is, but he sure is a handsome looking cat.

How despicable that someone could simply dump him like he were a piece or rubbish. He's a lucky cat to have found someone as kind as you to give him a second chance in life.

Feb 28, 2010
lynx versus tonkinese?
by: Jackie

Hi Mj,
Yes I like to agree with Michael that your handsome boy is very Siamese-like, but having looked through my Spanish catbook, I came across the tabby Tonkinese, which could be very well be it. The Tonkinese is a cross between the Siamese and a Burmese, accepted by the Cat clubs.And, as there are now so many more colors allowed with the Tonkinese, it could well be a tabby with body colour of:cinnamon, cream, apricot, lilac, fawn, blue. It's difficult from your picture to recognize the colour. The colour of eyes can be either blue or green or turqoise.
Nevertheless, whatever your cat is, he is very goodlooking and lucky to have found you.

Feb 28, 2010
by: Ruth

I'd say Sinatra had a tabby point siamese as one of his parents.
How cruel to throw him out of a car.I'm so glad he has ended up in such a good home, with you.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 28, 2010
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Mj. You got yourself a beautiful cat with a good personality. No doubt in the past he must have been somebody's beloved (??) pet, but not even the ugliest, meanest cat in the world would deserve being kicked out of a car like Sinatra was!
Thank you for taking care good care of him, when somebody else failed to live up to their responsibilities. And finding a cat like Sinatra it shows how doing the right thing sometimes carry it's own reward... 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 27, 2010
Traditional Siamese
by: Maggie Sharp

I think Michael is correct in saying that your kitty is a traditional Siamese, but what really confirmed that for me was the fact that your cat has blue eyes, as do traditional Siamese...

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  1. When i adopted my cat they had her listed as a Blue Lynx Siamese Mix. With white paws she may have Ragdoll or Burmese in her. She is very feisty.


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