Why are some programmers obsessed with cats?

Why programmers are obsessed with cats

Why are some programmers obsessed with cats? If it is true that some computer programmers are obsessed with cats the reason is probably the same for writers and authors: they are good companions in a lonely or solitary profession.

Also domestic cats like programmers and authors because they are generally static and at a desk for long periods. This allows their cat to be near by curled up. Cats like this. They like to be near their human companion and vice versa. Both authors and programmers can work from home: more cat time.

People have cats for companionship. A solitary programmer glued to a computer screen can also have a nice break from their work by interacting with their cat. He’s just there waiting for a little tickle and cuddle.

Many famous authors love cats. To me there is a similarity in the work of authors and programmers.

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The well-known image of a cat on a keyboard is about warmth. Both the keyboard of a laptop computer and the side of the computer dissipate heat. Cats like heat. Of course you can’t program if your cat is draped over the keyboard but if he’s near by he’ll receive the benefit of the computer’s heat on a cold day. And then there’s the emotional warmth.

Programmers can be freelance and/or work crazy hours. What if a programmer has to work a very late or very early shift? Let’s say she’s programming at 3:30 am; that’s perfect for her cat as he is essentially crepuscular but these hours are anathema to her spouse.

Computer programmer likes cats

The domestic cat comes to the rescue of programmers working unsociable hours because domestic cats always have unsociable hours. They are out of step with the human lifestyle when it comes to being awake and asleep. The cat is perfect for the all night coders because they’ll be in lock step.

Both cats and dogs can improve productivity because they improve the ambience of the workplace. Workplace ambience is important to productivity; look at Google’s offices. More businesses allow cats and dogs to spend the day at their owner’s workplace.

I welcome the thoughts of others and in this instances those of computer programmers 🙂

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