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Barbra Streisand

I’ve just read Giles Coren’s comment article in The Times today, November 11, 2023 which discusses Barbra Streisand’s statement when promoting her memoir in which she said that she hasn’t had fun in her life and that she wants to have some fun now and ‘live life’ which in her words, means: “I want …

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Study on domestic cats used to denigrate them

Unhelpful and aloof domestic cat?

A lot of news media have reported on a study, as I have, about domestic cats in which there were compared to domestic dogs. The conclusion of the study was that domestic cats do not evaluate third parties who interact with the companion animals’ owners. To be more specific, if a person interacts with …

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Is Millie the perfect domestic cat?

She is everything a person could wish for in a domestic cat companion. Just everything. Instant friendliness and she was a stray so could easily have been cautious and held back. She is very tolerant to change. She is adaptable to circumstances. She is courageous in following when her human guardian walks. She is …

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Why are some programmers obsessed with cats?

Why programmers are obsessed with cats

Why are some programmers obsessed with cats? If it is true that some computer programmers are obsessed with cats the reason is probably the same for writers and authors: they are good companions in a lonely or solitary profession. Also domestic cats like programmers and authors because they are generally static and at a …

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