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Matisse and his cat kitten. The photograph is copyright Robert Capa of Magnum

Why Do Artists Love Cats?

In my view, the reason why artists love cats is because cats are self-contained. They are a very reliable companion to a person who needs to focus intensely on his art, and who may be selfish and obsessive. The cat is probably a better companion than a person under these circumstances.

Essay on cats as pets

Essay On Cats As Pets

This is a short essay on cats as pets. It is very personal. You can write such an essay in very many different ways and styles. I’ve always focused on cat welfare. Therefore at...

Academics with cats

Academics with Cats

There is a Twitter Feed or a hashtag called “Academics with Cats” from the Twitterer: Academia Obscura. It is an extension of what we have all experienced: our darling cat getting involved in our...

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