Can Catnip Make Your Cat Aggressive?

By Elisa Black-Taylor

Do any of my friends at PoC have cats who suffer from “catnip disorderly conduct” while under the influence of catnip? This is one of my strange but true experiences that happened last week when Sealy received a box full of quality herb from one of my friends. My friend told me after I posted photos of the cats rolling around in it that this particular nip is famous in her part of the U.S.

Catnip disorderly conduct
Catnip disorderly conduct. Collage by Elisa Black-Taylor
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I was at work when I first opened the box addressed to Sealy (yes, my cats DO get mail on occasion). The first thing I noticed was a very, very strong catnip aroma. I just KNEW the cats were going to have a blast with this nip. I only hoped I didn’t get stopped by any law enforcement going home, or I would have a very confused “drug dog” should the officer detect the odor.

The cats attacked the box as soon as I got in the door. There were at least a dozen catnip mice, as well as small pouches of the catnip that had been sewn into squares of cloth. Everyone was rolling on the floor having a good old time. Especially Jasper!

After a good half hour had passed and everyone had disgraced themselves, I remembered Jasper’s particular problem with nip. To put it bluntly, he turns into the equivalent of what we in the south call a “mean drunk.”


I got curious and Googled “can catnip make a cat aggressive?” That’s what it does to our Jasper. He will stalk and jump on every cat in the room after a romp in the nip. As it turns out, he’s not alone. Several sites that explain what catnip is (a member of the mint family) also tell how some cats become overly aggressive around catnip. Catnip does to cats what alcohol and marijuana do to humans. Humans who drink alcohol or smoke marijuana may become sleepy or aggressive, depending on the personality of that person. The same holds true for cats.

A few sites also told that very young or very old cats may not be interested in nip at all. Before reading up on the aggressive side of catnip addiction, or catnip disorderly conduct, I’d read that cats were around age two when they became interested. All of our cats are at least that age, and all but a few LOVE rolling in (or even eating) catnip.


We’ll continue to provide our cats with their drug of choice. But Jasper, unfortunately, may have to serve a “time-out” in Laura’s bedroom until the effects wear off. Sorry Jasper…

Do any of you have cats who become aggressive after being exposed to catnip? Any funny stories behind YOUR cats nip addiction? I’m just curious.


23 thoughts on “Can Catnip Make Your Cat Aggressive?”

  1. My cat,Shadow who is 4 mos. got very mean and aggressive towards Stormy, his girlfriend. And even bit me when I trued to intervene. He eventually had to be put out in the livingroom.He made his way back upstairs, and when I woke up, I found her sleeping on one of my bedroom door. Him sleeping on the other. Holding paws under the door. He was fine after that. No more nip!!!

  2. I have two kittens reaching one year old and they love catnip. They both will eat it and the one will eventually roll in it. They get playful after and often run around the house. One of them gets aggressive in the sense that if you try and take the cat nip away he’ll try and bite your hand, but once all the catnip is away from him he’s fine.

    Also, I gave my parents cats who are eight years old a cat nip toy awhile back and they loved it. However it made the one kind of aggressive, he hissed and fought the other cat when it tried to take away the toy. We hid the toy in the washer since they were fighting over it and the one was even trying to get in the washer! They eventually ripped open the toy and got catnip everywhere so my mom said no more catnip!


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