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Cat Hits Back — 10 Comments

  1. Well good for that cat! I’m so pleased the kid got knocked right off the bed, that might teach it a lesson, I just hope the cat wasn’t “punished” for sticking up for itself, that was a real hard slap, it breaks my heart to think of the millions of animals that must have to live like that. As for whoever was filming they deserve a beating themselves for not stopping it from happening.

  2. I didn’t want to watch, but I did.
    It’s horrible. I’m happy the cat didn’t retreat. The parents have no business having a cat or a kid.
    What that child did was LEARNED behavior! Slapping isn’t inborn.

  3. What a horrible child, I’d like to give him the hardest smack he’s ever had in his life! But it’s not his fault I know, he’s not old enough to be responsible, it’s his ignorant parent(s) to blame, why stand by filming the cat being abused instead of teaching him to be kind and gentle with animals?
    This is probably happening in numerous homes too and the cat gets the blame of course. I hope if this is in the USA that poor cat didn’t end up getting his toe ends amputated!

      • Good idea Michael.
        I’m not so sure it’s that unusual because it seems that even at almost 5 years old a child doesn’t realise when he is doing wrong.
        We heard a terrible noise one day and looked out of my bedroom window. The child next door had let the Rottweiler out of his kennel into the garden where the 2 little jack russells were playing, then stood laughing while the big dog had one of the little ones in his mouth, shaking him like an old rag. Whose fault? The fathers of course because he’d left them unsupervised and wouldn’t even have known it was happening if we hadn’t alerted him. He of course says it was an accident but that little dog is dead now and the child has no concept that he caused it.
        I don’t know much about children so no idea at what age they should start knowing right from wrong but I think parents are very wrong to risk the pets of the family being abused by young children.

  4. I can’t watch it having read th e article – humans are born complete losers, they can’t even go to the toilet. It doesn’t suprise me that with just the wrong kind of exceptional (arrogant) parents something like this takes place. The fact that you said you can overhear the lady saying the cat will have to go just makes me want to vomit all over her and her stupid kid.

    Did ya get a cat for little junior to hit then? Oh but you didn’t want the cat to hit back when junior was torturing him? Oh gosh – you must be right, I mean what kind of a crazy aggressive cat would do something like that? Get a life you f********* c*****

    • It is madness. I knew it would make you mad 😉 Gotta laugh a bit because as I say it is bonkers. You could watch the video because it is not all that horrendous. The cat is probably not hurt although it is not clear. It was a big slap. Quite disgusting to be honest.

      We have to conclude from the video that the cat is more sensible than either the child or the parents. That is a reasonable conclusion to come to.

      Just for the sake of fairness, my last sentence is me surmising or guessing what the mother might say. She doesn’t actually say it. Sorry I was not clear.

      The point I am making is that this sort of family happening is what leads to cat relinquishment and death at a shelter. That is also me surmising but I think it a reasonable thought.

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