Social media user asks “How do you discipline a cat without hitting him?”

A user on the website asks what I consider to be an inappropriate question about cat caregiving namely, “How do you discipline a cat without hitting them?” The woman (Julia) considered hitting her cat to discipline him. I responded by saying that her cat is very unhappy living in her small apartment and …

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Domestic cat maternal aggression

Domestic cat maternal aggression is instinctive

Domestic cat maternal aggression is also referred to as maternal protective aggression. It’s what you think it is: a queen’s protective behaviour towards perceived threats to her kittens. It’s a natural instinct when she is caring for her young. In Peter Neville’s book Do Cats Need Shrinks? a client of his, Susan Swift, asked …

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If you wanted to adopt a cat, would you adopt a really mean one to spare his life?

Wizard the mean shelter cat learned to love his new family

The question in the title is asking whether you would adopt a shelter cat slated for euthanasia because he had been evaluated by shelter staff as aggressive and unadoptable. This is what can happen to rescue cats when they behave badly at shelters. The staff sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for bad …

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Why should I avoid adopting a traumatized cat?

You shouldn’t avoid adopting a traumatised cat and the question in the title begs many more questions such as: Those are just some of the questions I would ask. There will be more. Sometimes shelter cats can be labelled traumatised not because they are traumatised but because they are currently living in a shelter …

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What does a cat signal with their eyes?

Picture of Scottish Fold cat with wide open eyes

A domestic cat companion’s eyes are expressive. There are probably five basic eye configurations: Wide-open pupil i.e. a dilated pupil with wide-open eyes Narrowed eyes with a narrow slit of a pupil Half-closed eyes with the pupil in a relaxed mid-range position Closed eyes Stare Background The pupil is the aperture of the eye …

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Cat lover discovers rescue cat is not aggressive but scared

Don't try this at home

I think this video is instructional. I also like the woman who has a YouTube channel (MeloCat). She loves cats and I guess you might say that she has too many cats in a small apartment but we’re not gonna go down that route. She’s a good woman and she wants to help this …

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Why do domestic cats fight?

In preparation for hostility

The question in the title should be extended to feral and stray cats and the answer is the same in any case. Territory The root cause of the majority of domestic cats fighting is a defence of their home range. The ‘home range’ is the territory which they consider their own. It is interesting …

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Cat Hits Back

Cat hits back

I like this video because the cat hits back. I love it when the cat hits back, which is extremely rare if the antagonist is a person. But I hate the video. It is horrible. So often the cat just becomes defensive and aggressive if he is constantly abused. This video show a kid …

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