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Do dogs get more publicity than cats? — 23 Comments

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  2. The cats ABSOLUTELY get less exposure at this shelter. During the last puppy mill bust there was a cat that had a person there to pick it up and they turned them away because they were too busy with the dogs that week. The poor cat died in the cage waiting to be picked up. This cat could have seen a vet and been home but the rescuer was turned away. How many others haven’t we heard of. This shelter does nothing to promote these cats and dumps it all in the hands of the overworked rescues in the area. It is a shame and a travesty. How does one end up with 300 on a kill list, where is the community outreach the trap neuter and release programs, and the pet food banks. Where is the low cost spay and neuter programs and the people going out to educate the community. This problem can only get worse if not addressed. They have people fostering kittens until they are old enough for adoption only to immediately get put on a kill list, are the foster parents informed that the little life they have been fighting so hard to keep alive is going to be put down in 48 hours? I doubt any of them would agree to that. So many problems at this shelter. God Bless those rescuers, fosterers and volunteers on the ground doing something, as they seem to be the only ones.

    • There was a long haIred gold tabby with a black and white short hair listed as returned from foster. Now I can’t find them on any list. There are lots of cats who don’t make it onto a list. And forget food and litter if you foster. You may get a bottle of Clavamox in care the cat gets a URI which most do. Its expensive to foster for them. Of course you could take back a sick cat but we know what happens then. I took a lot of heat for having chip ins but when you divided the money up I got about $40 per cat. Not counting Sealy who had a $1600 vet bill alone. Lots of rescues won’t take a cat without money pledged to cover vet bills. we werent like that to place a dollar amount on a cats life.

      • I totally understand and agree, I do what I can financially to “bail out” many of the cats, and even now with their fees being waived I have pledged money to any rescue willing to take any of the seniors.

        • I was highly condemned for raising chip in money for my rescues. Yet there are many out there now who won’t pull a cat unless a decent dowry is attached.

        • Elisa, I was a confused as to how the whole problem started. Is it that one case of canine influenza, which I presume is very contagious, shut the whole place down so that the disease is snuffed out and to prevent it spreading to other animals?

          That is the way I read it. As it was shut down no potential adopters came to the place which in turn placed all the animals in jeopardy of being euthanised – a crisis. Please confirm or correct my reading of the situation.

          If that is true how common in canine influenza and do all animal shelters do this sort of thing under these circumstances.

          • And the dog with the flu died 3 weeks before the decision to close the shelter for quarantine with reported only the one dog had it. So the quarantine was unnecessary because the incubation period was past the time a dog would have had it. No one allowed in until september 3 for cats and cats have to be out by 7pm. Foster Paws will be back at Petco from noon-8pm with more cats to hope people adopt. sorry for the run together message all i have til i go to work is cell phone. fosters and rescues are full up. i contacted news media again and still no one covering this.

          • You’d be amazed at how much I still help the shelter with covering events and promoting them. I also do lost dogs and cats and reuniting military dogs with their former handlers.I have a well balanced writing career these days and help a lot more people than I did when I was into active rescue. What’s sad is the final 6 months we only fostered. A few people did find out Karma’s a bitch tho.

  3. Yes, dogs do get more publicity than cats. Why? It is difficult to say. It is probably because (a) they have been domesticated longer than cats (b) the dog is more connected to the human, more dependent on the human.

    The domestic cat is still very close to being a wild cat. If you don’t socialise a newborn cat you get pretty well get a wild cat. It is that fine a problem.

  4. Yes, dogs get more publicity because they most always presented favorably. How many dogs can you think of that are/were co-stars in TV programs? I can name SEVERAL, and they are always considered goodlooking, smart, funny, or extraordinary in some other way.I can;t think of any cat co-stars at the moment.
    Plus, there are so many stray, free roaming cats that I think people have become desensitized to their plights, And, its rare to see a stray, free roaming dog.

    • You wouldn’t believe how many dogs I’ve seen drug across the floor of the shelter reception to th temporary holding cages. These dogs are terrified. It’s like they know they’re in a bad place.

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