Mycoplasma in cats (Feline Hemotrophic Mycoplasmosis)

Feline Hemotrophic Mycoplasmosis

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) Lilo day before death Froggie died at shelter Sugar died after Lilo I’d never heard of Mycoplasma in cats until a reader wrote in about this article and suggested mycoplasma as a cause of death (see: Help Sudden Kitten Death). So I decided to do a little research on the …

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FeLV versus FIV life expectancy

FIV positive cat

This article is about comparing the life expectancy of cats with FeLV compared to those with FIV. There are no clean, black and white answers which is disappointing for me because I like to provide clean answers. FeLV life expectancy You probably know that the Cornell Feline Health Center at the Cornell University College …

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How common is leukaemia in cats? It varies.

A FeLV cat who had FeLV years ago. I hope he had a decent life.

The question in the title is incomplete because it implies that the question is about cancer; a type of blood and bone marrow cancer but when leukaemia is spoken about in the context of domestic cats it means a virus, specifically, the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) which is the most important cause of cancer …

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“2 FeLV kittens in need of a home” – FeLV kittens and cats can and should live good lives.

Keeping FeLV positive rescue cats alive at new homes

Introduction Many years ago, perhaps around 2008, Jan visited my website and posted a request for visitors to give a home to 2 FeLV cats. I am revisiting that page and using it as a base to add more detail and information. Jan’s post is below the introduction. I don’t know if the kittens …

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T-Cyte Treatment for FeLV and FIV Cats? Does it Work?

T-Cyte Treatment is treating cats who have FeLV and/or FIV with Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator. T-Cyte Therapeutics is the name of the manufacturer who supply vets with this expensive treatment. They are not very open about its success rate and cost etc.. It is difficult to find information on whether it works and whether the …

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Shelter Cats At Christmas. Let’s Think of Them

In general, cats in conventional animal shelters are living through a stressful and hazardous time. It is probably the most hazardous and stressful time of their lives (depending on the individual shelter and cat). We don’t have to go over the same ground to conclude that, in the USA, shelter cats in a typical …

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TNR of feral cats makes us feel good

TNR of feral cats makes us feel good but we are not doing the best for the cat. It is better to euthanise them. …unless these cats [feral cats] can be socialized and until we get the problem of pet overpopulation under control, I believe euthanasia, sadly, is the most humane and loving alternative.” …

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