Why do cats die with their eyes open?

Dr Karen Louis DVM MS

This is a difficult topic but questions are asked and I will try and answer them. Associated questions might be: Why do cats die with their tongue out? Why do cats die with their mouth open? The reason why cats die with their eyes open is because it takes active muscular effort to close …

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What happens when your cat is put to sleep?

Pre-euthanasia check

It depends on you, the cat owner, as to what happens when your cat is put to sleep. You decide when your cat is put to sleep. And you decide what happens after that. You select the veterinarian. It is normal for the remains to be cremated either individually or not. Cremation – individual …

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Animal advocates beg public to adopt dozens of kittens before they are ‘murdered’ by council

90-year-old female pensioner has her 40 cats and kittens taken from her

The language of the title is strong, I agree, but essentially correct. The story concerns a 90-year-old woman living in Sydney, Australia with dozens of kittens and strays. Living in a house in Australia with dozens of kittens and their parents is like a young antelope living in the Serengeti surrounded by a pride …

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Veterinarian pleads with cat and dog owners to be be present at end of life euthanasia

Veterinaran thinks cat owners must be there when their cat is euthanised

A South African vet says that cats and dogs look around for their human caretakers when they are being euthanised at the end of their lives. He believes it causes them unnecessary distress. In a Facebook post he pleads with animal guardians to take courage and be present at end of life euthanasia moments. …

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Beloved, Neutered, Clean, Domestic Kitten Killed Within Minutes of Entering “Shelter”

Place: MOBILE, Ala., USA. This is another one of those shelter killings in breach of their own rules of when to euthanise cats. They happen quite a lot; too often sadly. This is a young cat, Porkchop, who escaped his home and was, unfortunately as it happens, picked up by a neighbour, Matthew Sneddon, …

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Kittens Born Under 100 Grams In Weight Are Killed At Shelter

A new policy of euthanizing (in this instance better described as killing) newborn kittens that weigh less than 100 grams has been implemented at Greenville County Care Services (GCACS). This page analyses the policy to see if it is accurate and decent. I presume we are talking about newborn kittens who happen to be …

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