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“What he wanted most was something wild” — 5 Comments

  1. Yes it’s such a shame that there are thousands of unwanted domestic cats desperately needing homes, so why do some people not think about them instead of wanting to take wild cats freedom from them?
    I hate the selfish ‘I want and I must have’ culture nowadays.

    • I agree – we are such shameless consumers of anything and everything and it’s shocking to behold. To even think of trying to ‘own’ the wild nature of an animal is ridiculous. By doing so it no longer remains wild. What a complete and utter disaster humans often are. Shameless, arrogant and egotistical and totally unaware of the fact. It’s embarrassing to be a part of it.

      And I agree Ruth that the same old argument is only more valid as each day passes – we can’t be killing animals in shelters and creating new ones – it’s not right and never ever will be.

  2. In Cyprus, Turkey, and Egypt there are many striped and spotted cats like the Toyger and the Bengal.
    I presently have 2 such spotted cats and others are easy to find. I don’t see a way to post a photo here so I will send it to Michael separately. This photo is of a spotted male and some of his family in the centre of Kyrenia/Girne, N Cyprus. I sent his DNA sample to UC Davis USA and surprising he is 78% Turkish Ankara kedisi, and 28% mixed bag which UC Davis strangely calls Turkish Van. These cats are often quite strongly built. There never was any need to create wild type breeds. They already exist in many parts of the world and are healthy and affectionate.

    Update: Here are the pictures referred to:

    spotted street cat

    Spotted street cat

    Spotted Street Cat stray cat

    Note to Harvey: there is an uploader on the home page at the moment but it is easy to miss that.

    • You’re right. There are beautiful cats on the streets in Cyprus and Turkey etc.

      I just see a sort of craziness going on. Maybe it is too personal an opinion but the obsession with wild cat hybrids is part of the problem with our inability to cope with nature.

  3. I just find it all very sad that some people yearn for something that no one else has something intangible that they know will never really be theirs. I wish with all my heart that people would just leave wild animals out of the equation and stick to purely established domestic breeds.

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