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Serval Plays With White Bunny — 20 Comments

  1. i’m a really good dream with animals. my cat is shy and playful though. but my dog,when she see a bunny,shes off.

  2. Even though it natural it’s hard for me to see when my house cat goes after a mouse or a squrail I’m torn between rooting for the rodent or my cat I want my cat to have a successful hunt but I also want the rodent to live some times it really hard being in love with all animals

    • I am exactly the same. It is nature but nature can look cruel to humans sometimes. The serval playing with the white bunny was artificially set up so it is not acceptable to me to be frank although I very much like the former owners of A1 Savannahs who were in charge of the breeding cattery at the time these photos were taken. I am torn between two emotions.

  3. I hate to see caged animals. Please anyone reading this just leave them in the wild. You wouldn’t like anyone to interfere with your daily activities so leave them to theirs.

  4. A Serval is a cat just like any other cat and has the instincts of a cat, if we love cats we accept their deepest instinct is to play with and kill prey. As much as I love rabbits, they are prey to cats, maybe it got in through a gap in the enclosure?
    I hate seeing big cats enclosed too and hate that people buy them when there are thousands of small domestic cats killed very day for lack of homes, but I suppose those cats are too ‘ordinary’ for some people!

    • I hate seeing big cats enclosed too

      This is my primary concern too. I hate seeing it. I respect other people’s views and work but hate to see wild cats in enclosures. Servals need many square miles of space in which to live normally.

  5. IMO, the Kathrin and Martin would never do anything to harm another species. It doesn’t even cross my mind that they might.

    What you said in re to entering a serval enclosure is interesting, Michael. I’m curious. Could it be that because you are male, a serval might feel intimidated? I have no idea. Pls let me know from your experience there?

    • I does look a bit like that but this didn’t happen. It was an accident I think. The bunny strayed too close to a serval enclosure. That is my guess. Servals are fed prepared cat food not that dissimilar to pet cat food with some raw.

  6. Its more seeing servals in enclosures that’s unpleasant although I do hope the bunny didn’t start out as a live toy. If it did then it would be normal I suppose for the servals so either way I am not complaining. They seem like big cats who need alot of space, perhaps even miles of it. I’d let a serval live on my land if i had a couple hectares of it anything less seems odd – particularly when breeding. Do people buy them as pets? It must be a real money making business.

    • Agree. Everything you say is correct. The enclosures are very large by cat breeder standards but far too small by serval standards. I don’t like it at all.

      The serval is often a pet in America. This is wrong too because people like to keep a wild cat but don’t know how to. They declaw them and keep them inside. Madness as far as I am concerned but I do respect other people’s views. They escape sometimes and sometimes are shot. More madness as far as I am concerned.

      An escaped serval scares people even though the cat is probably far more frightened than the people. The serval can be large but they don’t attack people unless they really have to.

  7. Michael,

    Do you know what became of the bunny? Maybe the serval really was playing with it. I don’t see any blood.

    And, being as you/ POC host TKA, I hope you don’t mind me including links to some old posts- videos of cat and bunny love.





    • A1 Savannahs have a farm with lots of farm animals as well as the breeding cattery. I suspect a rabbit got out of his enclosure and strayed too near the enclosure of a serval. The serval might have grabbed the rabbit through the fencing and killed it. At that point the staff at A1 Savannahs probably decided it was sensible to let the cat keep the rabbit. Then the cat would have played with the dead rabbit in exactly the same way a domestic cat plays with a mouse. These servals get little chance to hunt so this cat has extended the “hunting” process.

      That is my guess as to what might have happened. The links are fine, of course, VG. You are a very privileged PoC member who can do as she pleases 😉

      • What a sad world when beautiful cats are enclosed and thus denied their natural behaviour.That cat must have thought it was her birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.Poor rabbit yes but poor cat as well.
        There is no glory in the admiration of their beauty for the cats only for their owners.

  8. Cats of any sort view bunnies as food, I have one cat Molly that loves walks and if she sees a rabbit (bunny) she is off after it! Natural instinct…

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