Serval Plays With White Bunny

How do you react to these pictures of a serval toying with a white rabbit? When I first saw the pictures about 2 years ago I thought it would be better if I didn’t publish them because some visitors might find them upsetting. I have changed my mind because I think they might start an interesting discussion. Anyway, I hope so.

Although I don’t know the circumstances that resulted in this serval playing with the rabbit, I do know that the pictures were taken at A1 Savannahs, Oklahoma, by Kathrin Stucki. You can see the enclosure that the serval lives in. The serval would quite possibly be a breeding cat. I have been in an enclosure with these servals.

They are large cats the size of a large dog. Breeding servals are neither domesticated nor wild. If you are in an enclosure with them, they are slightly intimidating to greatly intimidating, depending on your personality. They are used to having people around but they hiss a lot at you and spray you copiously! Well that is what happened to me and it is to be expected.

I am certain that nothing unethical took place because Kathrin and Martin, her husband, set high standards. The encounter between serval and rabbit may have been an accident. Perhaps something went wrong. I don’t know.


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20 thoughts on “Serval Plays With White Bunny”

  1. i’m a really good dream with animals. my cat is shy and playful though. but my dog,when she see a bunny,shes off.

  2. Even though it natural it’s hard for me to see when my house cat goes after a mouse or a squrail I’m torn between rooting for the rodent or my cat I want my cat to have a successful hunt but I also want the rodent to live some times it really hard being in love with all animals

    • I am exactly the same. It is nature but nature can look cruel to humans sometimes. The serval playing with the white bunny was artificially set up so it is not acceptable to me to be frank although I very much like the former owners of A1 Savannahs who were in charge of the breeding cattery at the time these photos were taken. I am torn between two emotions.

  3. I hate to see caged animals. Please anyone reading this just leave them in the wild. You wouldn’t like anyone to interfere with your daily activities so leave them to theirs.


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