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Alley Cat Allies offering $5K reward for info on the killing of 3 Atlantic City Boardwalk cats — 7 Comments

  1. I feel such hatred for these … things on two legs. I’m supposed to turn the other cheek but are you kidding me? I must also say, every time, that the connection between violence to animals and to people is important but there is a logical problem with it. There’s an out should they put up a clever defense: that if they can prove they aren’t a danger to people, then what they did isn’t as serious. Does everyone see that? Just take people out of the equation and some would be okay with it. What I’m getting at is that the violence to animals is bad enough to be judged harshly on it’s own merit. It doesn’t need to be connected as a threat of danger to people too in order to get attention, in order to be bad. Although that does make it even more serious. I think it should be pointed out every time the connection is mentioned, that the animal abuse crime is serious enough to begin with all on it’s own.

      • Yes, one of them is looking at the camera. I’d have thought the police would find them. Thanks for this Elisa.

      • Elisa or any reader,
        Can you think of other sites to post these abuses on? I want to post “far and wide”. I believe that the more eyes that see the better chance of abusers and killers being found.

        I appreciate any sites that you can recommend. Also, if you know how to target a particular area on FB. I know it can be done with advertising payment. I’ve paid $30 for a few days, and got 2000 new views to my CatAdvocate page. This may be a way to really have an impact on catching the criminals.

        The reward is appealing, but the most important part is getting the word out. I’ll do more research on this, but in the meantime, please share your suggestions.

        • Sandra that would be up to Michael to promote. I only work part time and have a number of expensive health issues. I’m stretched to the limit as it is.

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