Authorities in China are threatening to cull domestic cats and dogs in coronavirus scare

CHINA – CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – opinion/news story: This has got desperately out of hand. Because a Chinese scientist – China’s top expert for infectious diseases apparently – has said that domestic cats and dogs can become infected with this novel (new) strain of coronavirus which has caused panic and many human deaths, local authorities in various locations have threatened to kill cats and dogs. Extraordinary. This would be mass culling by the state of very many cats and dogs if this threat was carried out. It is distinctly possible bearing in mind the history of animal cruelty in China.

Chinese in masks
Chinese in masks. Picture: EPA.
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There is a huge scare happening in China as I type this. There is a pile of fake news and some terrifying news. For instance The Sun reports that scientists believe that the true extent of the spread of the virus is far worse than officially reported. It is claimed that 75,800 people have been infected compared to around 11,000 officially. Therefore the deaths must be much higher as well. These are being covered up by the state it is alleged. As to fake news, there are many posts on social media some advising on how to protect yourself from the virus all of which are fake apparently. It is dubious as to whether wearing masks helps prevent infection.

The BC Centre of Disease Control (BCCDC)
The BC Centre of Disease Control (BCCDC) advice re: masks to protect against novel coronavirus infection.

They have also ordered that pets be kept inside at all times. And as mentioned earlier it is reported that some owners have killed their pets by throwing them out of high rise windows.

Pets thrown from apartments
Pets thrown from apartments. Photo:

The Sun reports in a most sinister way that the local authority in Shaanxi has urged residents to ‘consider the overall situation’ and dispose of their pets. They must mean kill them.

There have been flyers in which local authorities have threatened to kill cats and dogs if they are on the street.

These orders have been confirmed by the Humane Society International as being true in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Shanxi and Shanghai.

Dr Peter j Li, China Policy Specialist of Humane Society International, confirmed that he had seen memos from local authorities ordering the killing of cats and dogs.

He said it is not right and that the problem comes from the out of control wildlife trade. Companion animals have not contributed to the outbreak he said.

In Wuhan the local authority has ordered that all pets be kept indoors. If owners catch the virus their pets would have to be quarantined.

Cat and dog owners must be very worried if they care because clearly some don’t care as they have thrown their pets from great heights and killed them.


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1 thought on “Authorities in China are threatening to cull domestic cats and dogs in coronavirus scare”

  1. That the Chinese on average can be so adept, imaginative, inventive and productive in various scientific fields, yet so stupid, thoughtless and inhumane regarding biology and the animal kingdom is a mystery to me, and I think most people all around the world. Poaching for trophies and fake-medicine has gone up a thousand percent in just the last ten years for example, so this panic over the virus is no surprise at all. And you can’t shame those people; they don’t even listen to the United Nations or the World Health Organization.

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