Cambodian filmed herself skinning, cooking and eating a young Fishing Cat

This Cambodian woman, Ah Lin, wanted to make money on YouTube by filming herself cooking and eating exotic wildlife. This included skinning, cooking and eating a young Fishing Cat (a kitten in fact – see the photo). The photo of her holding up the lifeless, sad body of this young, rare and beautiful wild cat is shocking. It is evil holding the innocent. She has a sociopathic look on her face.

Cambodian woman holds dead fishing cat

Cambodian woman holds dead fishing cat in preparation for skinning, cooking and eating it. Photo Viral Press.

The Fishing Cat is a beautiful and rare small-to-medium sized wild cat species classified as Vulnerable by the Red List (experts in wildlife conservation). In other words this cat species is essentially endangered because of the presence of human activity and protected under Cambodian law.

Okay what’s the big deal? Well she has this macabre YouTube channel which you can see by clicking on this link. The channel features her skinning, cooking and eating a young Fishing Cat and a range of other rare and near endangered and protected species. Her motivation is solely to make money through advertising on YouTube.

Her activities are completely immoral and against conservation. In the videos she presents this sweet and innocent image of herself skinning these rare species. It is incongruous. She is either naive or evil.

As the species that she ostensibly caught and killed are protected she is thankfully being investigated by Cambodia’s Environment Ministry. That’s probably novel for them. Actually enforcing the law.

Cambodian filmed herself skinning, cooking and eating a young Fishing Cat

So sad. This young Fishing cat killed for entertainment and money by a callous woman. Photo Viral Press.

As Ah Lin and her husband Phoun Raty have now been made aware of their criminal behavior she has apologized for destroying wildlife. They say they bought the animals from the local market (nice excuse). The videos also show her eating sting ray, king cobra, shark and frogs.

The Environment Ministry say the Fishing Cat is endangered. In fact it is classified as Vulnerable and not Endangered. There is a fine difference. Perhaps the Fishing cat is endangered under Cambodian wildlife protection laws.

Cambodian filmed herself skinning, cooking and eating a young Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat being cooked. Photo Viral Press.

The online newspapers say the couple have removed the clips of Ah Lin eating the animals. However, the videos are still online as far as I can tell. I don’t see the video of the Fishing Cat being skinned and eaten but I have placed still photos on this page and they are shocking and disgusting. I think the video of her skinning, cooking and eating a young Fishing Cat has been deleted.

The couple live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Cambodian filmed herself skinning, cooking and eating a young Fishing Cat — 4 Comments

  1. I am unable to even look at these pictures today.😭 I hope that the justice system in Cambodia will go beyond investigation and prosecute this young woman and hrer husband. Maybe in time, someday, she will come to the realization of the horrors of what she has done.😱😰

    • That’s the question: does she really understand the sentience of animals, the feelings of animals, the importance of trying to live in harmony with animals, the need to respect animals etc.. No I am afraid. She has a cold expression on her face.

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