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Cambodian filmed herself skinning, cooking and eating a young fishing cat — 15 Comments

    • I’m sorry but I had to do it because Google insisted upon it. The pictures were damaging the income that I make from Google advertising on my website. Google, I’m afraid, basically sensor website owners like myself through the conditions they apply to their advertising under the banner of Google AdSense. I don’t like it any more than you do but I feel that I have no choice.

  1. That is just horrible it makes me angry, I have two cats myself and if I were to accidentally run over a cat I wouldn’t just go and pick it and say “Oh look gonna have some god cat tonight.“ just disgusting. I hate to see animals like dogs and cats be eaten or even exotic animals just some people are different but in my opinion, it is disgusting.

  2. I am unable to even look at these pictures today.😭 I hope that the justice system in Cambodia will go beyond investigation and prosecute this young woman and hrer husband. Maybe in time, someday, she will come to the realization of the horrors of what she has done.😱😰

    • That’s the question: does she really understand the sentience of animals, the feelings of animals, the importance of trying to live in harmony with animals, the need to respect animals etc.. No I am afraid. She has a cold expression on her face.

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