Cat and Cat Owner Stuck up a Tree

This is a double ‘cat-stuck-up-tree’ rescue and I found the story quite charming in a slightly twisted way because she must’ve been very frightened. A lady decided to rescue her cat herself and then realised that she, too, was stuck up the same tree. And I can see how that could happen.

I think she was brave to climb a tree to a height of about 15 feet to retrieve her cat. When she had arrived at her cat I suspect that she became frightened and was fearful of falling. She had to be rescued by firefighters with her cat.

The fact that she became frightened tells me that she had to be quite courageous to climb the tree and that courage would have originated in her love for her cat. It drove her to attempt the rescue something which was probably against her natural instincts.

The young cat’s name is Bella and the house is in Peterborough, UK. The firefighters came from the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service. Their advice is not to risk your own life to save your pet. Good advice and commonsense but driven by a passion to help your cat and perhaps a reluctance to seek the assistance of firefighters resulted in this double rescue.

The story was reported on the BBC website. The photographs are from the Cambridgeshire Fire and rescue service. The woman’s name has not been disclosed.

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4 thoughts on “Cat and Cat Owner Stuck up a Tree”

  1. This could have been me! This is why th trees in Monty’s enclosure have cones around them so he cannot climb them. I was ridiculed by a reader of PoC when I posted about making modifications to Monty’s enclosure (including the tree cones) and told I just wanted to spoil his fun. Sorry, but he does not get to have that much fun, being stuck up in a tree with his mom.

    I have been up a few trees with him, but no more. I am getting too old for that. And also tired of standing on the ground pleading with him to go down butt first like a cat instead of head first like a squirrel, including pantomiming from on the ground how he should be coming down behind first. Don’t need someone taking a video of that and putting it on the Internet.

    • Ruth, your comment made me smile. It is a genuine problem. I would do all I could to retrieve my cat from a tree but there is a limit. Nowadays for some inexplicable reason I have become frightened of heights! So that’s that. Plus I am too old.


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