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Cat and Cat Owner Stuck up a Tree — 4 Comments

  1. This could have been me! This is why th trees in Monty’s enclosure have cones around them so he cannot climb them. I was ridiculed by a reader of PoC when I posted about making modifications to Monty’s enclosure (including the tree cones) and told I just wanted to spoil his fun. Sorry, but he does not get to have that much fun, being stuck up in a tree with his mom.

    I have been up a few trees with him, but no more. I am getting too old for that. And also tired of standing on the ground pleading with him to go down butt first like a cat instead of head first like a squirrel, including pantomiming from on the ground how he should be coming down behind first. Don’t need someone taking a video of that and putting it on the Internet.

    • Ruth, your comment made me smile. It is a genuine problem. I would do all I could to retrieve my cat from a tree but there is a limit. Nowadays for some inexplicable reason I have become frightened of heights! So that’s that. Plus I am too old.

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